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JMAG Newsletter September Edition

  1. Implementing JMAG
    Meidensha Corporation
    - Stimulating the Expansion and Reinforcement of the Business Domain with JMAG -
  2. Motor Development Using JMAG
  3. JMAG Application Catalog
    [Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor]
    [Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor]
  4. Exhibition Report
    - TECHNO-FRONTIER 2010 -


JMAG Newsletter September Edition

This edition of the JMAG Newsletter features motor design.

We interviewed the Meidensha Corporation which was established more than 113 years ago. The Meidensha Corporation is known for its heavy electric machine manufacturing whose technology focuses on rotating machines such as motors. In addition to initially contributing to enhancing social systems such as generators, transformers, and water disposal equipment, the Meidensha Corporation has developed products including electrical systems for industry such as elevators and drive motors for electric vehicles.

In this interview, the Meidensha Corporation discusses their implementation of JMAG, the internal activities used to increase JMAG's effectiveness, and how they plan to expand their use of JMAG in the future. This discussion brought many interesting ideas to light including ways to sustain the sharing of technological information. There experience provides valuable insight that can be used as reference in your future endeavors.


1.Implementing JMAG

Meidensha Corporation
- Stimulating the Expansion and Reinforcement of the Business Domain with JMAG -

The Meidensha Corporation, whose business ranges vary from heavy electric machinery to industrial electric systems, was established 113 years ago. The technology of its products is mainly founded in rotation machines. The JSOL Corporation's electromagnetic field analysis software, JMAG, has stimulated technological innovation, supporting product development by providing a tool capable of achieving higher efficiency, higher output, and establishing highly precise control technology for its products. Electromagnetic field analysis software is also at the forefront of development for new technologies that require advanced solutions for environmental conservation. Mr. Yamada, Executive Officer and General Manager of the New Product Development Group, Mr. Nomura, Senior Fellow, Mr. Watanabe, Senior Engineer of the New Product Development Planning and Management Department, and Mr. Matsuhashi, Manager of the Analytic Simulation and Advanced Control Technologies Section, discuss why they decided to implement JMAG and the benefits of using it.


2.Motor Development Using JMAG

Supporting Excelled Motor Development
- Challenges of Motor Development and the Increasing Role of JMAG -

This series of technical reports discusses the challenges of motor development and the increasing role of JMAG. In the first edition of this series, we focus on "energy conservation and higher efficiency."


3.JMAG Application Catalog

The Application Notes guide users inexperienced in analysis software or experienced users that want to explore new fields of simulations through a smooth simulation process.
In this issue of the JMAG Newsletter, two of our newest examples are highlighted; "Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor," and "Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor."

4.Exhibition Report


The JSOL Corporation presented and demonstrated JMAG at the MOTORTECH JAPAN and POWER SUPPLY JAPAN exhibitions held at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2010. More than 1,500 people turned out for the exhibition which ended as a great success.
The latest version of JMAG-Design released on the same day as the exhibition was announced and the motor simulation technology leading the industry was introduced by JSOL.
We would like to take this opportunity to offer those that were unable to attend the exhibition the materials that were distributed at MOTORTECH JAPAN via the JMAG website.


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