Implementing JMAG

- What do you hope JMAG can offer in the future?

Mr. Shimizu   Users are a tough breed of people that will never be satisfied and they will always have complaints (Mr. Shimizu laughs). First, I would say that the terminology used for electromagnetic field analysis, which is obviously difficult, could be made simpler. The freshmen that are allowed to join the research laboratory at Keio Universities' Shonan Fujizawa Campus become proficient with JMAG very quickly because it is so easy to use. However, they lack the understanding of the terminology surrounding the electromagnetic field analysis.

Although I may be asking for too much, I would like to have a place where there is a greater exchange of technological information related to the efforts and know-how of analysis from the companies and organizations using JMAG, such as how they run analyses and evaluate the analysis results. Of course this type of information is what allows companies to stay competitive, and it is not something that can be easily disclosed, but I hope that that the JMAG team can show them the value in presenting at conferences and gatherings related to analysis software.

- I am sure everyone is very interested in the Advanced Development Project 2. Do you mind telling us a little about the focus of that development?

Mr. Shimizu   The Advanced Development Project aims to make the mass production of electric vehicles a reality by 2014. We believe that more highly efficient in wheel motors is the technology that will make this happen. I cannot go into detail about our current development, but we are focusing on a smaller motor that can rotate longer, or in other words, drive longer distances. The Advanced Development Projects generally last about one year and we need to complete our second prototype by next spring.

TECO Corp., a large electronics manufacture in Taiwan, is already planning a production line that aims to manufacture 100,000 units in 2013. The SIM-Drive Corporation is contributing to that development, but we hope that the mass production will be established as soon as possible to address the environmental problems of the world today.

Company Name


Business Activities

SIM-Drive Corporation
August 2009
KBIC 7-7
Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku Kawasaki-Shi, 212-0032 Japan
*The headquarters has moved
99 million yen
Chairman: Soichiro Fukutake
(Chairman of Benesse Holdings, Inc.)
Director: Hiroshi Shimizu
(professor in faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)
Research and development of electric vehicles
Research and development of in-wheel motors for electric vehicles
and other parts for electric vehicles
Consulting pertaining to the development of electric vehicles
Support for basic production of electric vehicles


  1. Implementing JMAG
  2. Product Report
  3. Model-based Design
  4. Impact of FEA on the Design Process
  5. Utilizing Support
  6. JMAG Application Catalog
      70 - Analysis of Impedance-Frequency Characteristics of a Cable
      126 - Magnetization Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents
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