Wednesday, December 10 / Thursday, December 11

* The contents of the program may be subject to change without notice.

Wednesday, December 10

9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Remarks
Mr.Toshihiro Hayashi, JRI Solutions
General Session
10:05 The history of JMAG
Dr.Takashi Yamada , JRI Solutions
[Keynote Speech]

Numerical Magnetic Field Analysis in Electric Performance Calculation in Large Rotating Machines.
Dr.Kazumasa Ide , Hitachi LTD.

Motor Session
11:10 Customized Development of Automotive Motor System using JMAG-Studio
Mr.Ryoma Matsuo , PUES Corporation
11:40 Break (Lunch)
13:30 modeFRONTIER as a Strategic Tool for Improving Electromagnetic CAE and Supporting Decision Making
Dr.Yasushi Fujishima , CD-adapco JAPAN Co.,LTD.
14:00 Electromagnetic Field Analysis on Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator by using JMAG
Ph.D.Hisashi Yajima , SMC Corporation
14:30 Break
Induction heating session
14:40 Analysis of an induction-heating fusing unit using JMAG
15:10 Finite Element Analysis of a Steering Rack Shaft Subjected to the High-Frequency Induction Hardening Process
Mr.Manabu Fukumoto , Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
15:40 Coffee Break
Expanding the Use of JMAG in a Company
17:00 Evaluation of eddy current characteristic for applied high frequency voltage to the giant magnetrostrictive material.
Mr.Masayuki Sugasawa , Sony EMCS Corporation
17:30 Introduction of the Use of JMAG as CAE among Our Users
Mr.Yusaku Suzuki , JRI Solutions
18:15 Banquet

Thursday, December 11

8:30 Registration
Fast Large-Scale Analysis Session
9:00 Speeding Up JMAG’s Solver for Large Scale Problems.
Mr.Kazuki Semba , JRI Solutions
9:15 Technology for accelerating electromagnetic field analyses.
Dr.Takeshi Iwashita , Kyoto University
9:45 Scaling ICCG Performance in Multicore: The Current and Future Perspective.
Dr.Shigeki Gunji , Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation
10:15 Coffee Break
Transformer session
10:25 Estimation of Dispersion in Inductance in Small, Low Profile Transformers.
Mr.Masahiro Shima , COSEL CO., LTD.
10:55 Effective Use of JMAG Software for Analyzing Switching Transformers
Mr.Hideo Matsumoto , TABUCHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
11:25 Efficiency improvement of non-contact power supply systems
Mr.Hiroyasu Tomita , MURATA MACHINERY,LTD.
11:55 Break (Lunch)
Educational Session
13:45 Supervision for students in the electrical machinery using JMAG.
Dr.Kenji Nakamura , Tohoku University
14:15 Practice work of JMAG by e-learning.
Dr.Edmund Soji Otabe , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Motor Session
14:45 Comparison of IPM and SPM by experimental and analysis results.
Dr.Kan Akatsu , Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
15:15 Coffee Break
16:45 Recent developments and future plan for JMAG
Dr.Takashi Yamada , JRI Solutions.
17:30 Closing Remarks

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