Design and Development of Hyperloop Propulsion System Using JMAG

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Arbi Gharakhani Siraki, Hyperloop One


High speed transportation is one of the most promising areas of research that regains lots of attention in recent years mainly due to development of high energy permanent magnets, high speed/high current power electronic switches and advanced control techniques.
Electromagnetic propulsion system design is a challenging area where significant amount of calculations and analysis are normally required before an optimum design can be achieved. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is one of the most accurate calculating techniques that is getting widely used thanks to ever growing computing capacity.
JMAG is one of the most reputable software packages that is being used to solve electromagnetic problems.
In this work, application of JMAG in design and development of fifth mode of transportation, aka Hyperloop is discussed. A comparison between performance of JMAG and another commercially available software package is also presented in this work.

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