Development Planning of JMAG

Takashi Yamada
JSOL Corp.


Updates will be provided on JMAG’s roadmap for technological development and product development, and on the current situation.
FEM engine development supporting JMAG’s high accuracy and high speed simulation has progressed steadily and even large-scale problems exceeding 10 million elements can be solved in practice. In the future, we will advance further speed-up of small- and medium-sized problems in addition to large-scale problems.
Regarding material modeling, we are working on excess eddy current loss which is a big problem remaining. In addition, we are improving the linking for importing material measurements for play models which can model hysteresis with high accuracy.

Meanwhile, not only analysis target components but also system level simulations including simulation for control and associated devices is becoming necessary, and to respond to this we have started to substantially improve control coupling functions and structural analysis functions.
Future expectations for simulation tools are automation of design centered on optimization and furtherance of model-based development. Because of this we are greatly enhancing pre-post parametric functions and data processing capabilities, and have started developing flexible user interfaces that can be used anywhere in the design process.
The progress of development and future prospects with examples and demonstrations will be presented.

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