Development Planning of JMAG

Takashi Yamada
JSOL Corp.


Development on the next generation of JMAG has begun, and we intend to continue focusing on our objective of higher accuracy. It is for this reason that our development features meshers to minimize discretization errors, material modeling technology with an emphasis on improving loss analysis accuracy, and multiphysics analysis technology. We also intend to further increase solver speeds as so to operate large-scale analyzes through detailed modeling during design cycles. We will be implementing plans to improve processing speed not just for issues of a larger scale, but also for the small and medium-sized issues frequently encountered in the upper hierarchy of design phases.

This will include initiatives in optimization as well as design automation, and in addition to GA-based topology optimization which saw release in the previous year, we will be introducing a density method for optimization that can obtain results in a way that is both quicker and easier.

For the support of MBD which was become increasingly important in recent years, we are continuing to make progress in enhancements to efficiency maps as well as JMAG-RT itself. JMAG-Express Online will also be capable of generating efficiency maps, which will enable a more detailed confirmation of motor characteristics from upper hierarchy processes.

This new JMAG aims to pioneer improvements to both accuracy and ease of use. The newly introduced GUI “Analysis Parameter View” will enable users to check the lists of all parameters for analysis models, as well as direct access to each parameter, leading to considerable increases efficiency within analysis work.

Demonstrations will provide everything our users will need to know about this roadmap of JMAG’s future development.

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