Development of Wireless in-wheel Motors with in-motion Charging

Hiroshi Fujimoto
Department of Advanced Energy, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo


In this talk, the 2nd and 3rd generation Wireless In-Wheel Motors (WIWM-2 and 3) are introduced. This system has capability of in-motion Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (D-WPT) on its wheel-side. D-WPT technology can drastically extend driving range of electric vehicles. In addition, Lithium-ion Capacitor (LiC) is installed in wheel-side of the WIWM2. LiC can effectively charge regenerative breaking energy.
On the other hand, WIWM3 has greatly improved the wireless power transfer (WPT) performance, motor performance, and vehicle mountability on vehicles for practical application. In order to further develop the technology, we have also started research and development on tires and wheels that do not affect WPT performance.
The experimental results are demonstrated with EVs with WIWM-2 and WIWM-3 to show the effectiveness of D-WPT in motion. Finally, examples of how to use JMAG in WIWM projects are introduced.

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