NVH Analysis of an Electric Vehicle Traction Motor with JMAG and Romax Products

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Hiroshi Koyama, Romax Technology Japan Limited


Recently due to the market expansion of EV, more efficient motor gearbox design process is desirable. For identifying noise issues early in the design stage, it is necessary not to proceed with designing gearbox and motor separately but to also consider interactions each other.
A new software interface between JMAG and Romax software has been developed to simplify the data transfer between electromagnetic and NVH analysis as part of an end-to-end analysis process.
Using this interface, we will demonstrate a case study to show that optimizing the motor based only on electromagnetic analysis may not be sufficient to fully understand the NVH performance of a closely-integrated EV drivetrain, and therefore that a CAE-led design approach is necessary to avoid potentially risks in the design process.

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