IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition 2014 (ECCE 2014)

Conference Outline

Date Sunday, September 14 – Thursday, September 18, 2014
Venue David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Pittsburgh, U.S.)
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ECCE (Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition) is a society sponsored by IEEE that focuses on energy.
Presentations of JMAG’s newest functions, as well as design demonstrations of JMAG-Express and JMAG-RT Viewer, will be given at our booth.

Event Report

A booth was open in the academic meeting hosted by the IEEE. This year, there were more than 1400 presentations, and 40 companies had a booth open. With more than 1300 participants,
the exhibition was livelier than it was last year. Many presenters were passionately speaking of the future in the energy market.
The JMAG booth held demonstrations of JMAG-Express and the JMAG-RT Viewer, starting with introductions of features and case studies in JMAG. It is our wish to continue having booths in lively meetings.