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Case Study of Multi-objective Optimization for Motor Design

Last Updated 2016-05-10

Case Study of Multi-objective Optimization for Motor Design

Many requirements and trade-offs need to be considered in electromechanical design. We will introduce a case study of an IPM motor design using the Pareto optimum solution for trade-off analysis.
There is a trade-off relationship between the maximization of average torque and minimization of magnet volume. One solution is to enlarge a magnet to produce large torque; however, another solution is to minimize volume as rare earth high-output magnets are expensive.
We conducted evaluations of average torque maximization and magnet volume minimization using multi-objective optimization with genetic algorithms (GA) in order to obtain a Pareto optimum solution. The curve connecting to the red dot in Figure 1 is the Pareto optimal solution. Figure 2 shows three model cases from the original geometry and the Pareto optimum solution.

Figure 1 shows trade-offs of the Pareto optimum solution

Figure 2 shows motor design cases with the Pareto optimum solution
(Takashi Kondo)