To our valued customer,

The free motor design tool JMAG-Express Online
now supports efficiency maps and temperature evaluation.

JMAG-Express Online gains an major version upgrade as of February 2020.

JMAG-Express Online now has the ability to evaluate all the motor characteristics like Torque- Speed characteristics, Loss characteristics, Inductance characteristics, etc.
Now with this new update, efficiency maps and temperature evaluations are available.

The evaluation of the efficiency map and the temperature of each part of the model can be performed in a way that is both fast and simple. This makes JMAG-Express Online the perfect tool for performance evaluation at the system design phase.

Efficiency Maps

The motor operating range, as well as efficiency and power output at each operating point, can be checked by using the map function. When creating maps, voltage and current limits can be applied. Multiple maps can be compared while using the parametric function.

Temperature Evaluation

The thermal equivalent circuit model of the motor is used to calculate the temperature of each part. The thermal model is evaluated using various heat generation sources like Copper Losses, Iron Losses, and Mechanical losses.

We earnestly encourage all our users to experience this exciting new update.

Video for Introducing the New Functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0

In January 2020, JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0 will be released.
A video complete with voice audio has been prepared to offer our users a better understanding of the new functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0.
This is a lecture that can be attended via internet in your own time and for as many times as required.
Demonstration data can be downloaded from JMAG function tutorials.
Please enjoy taking full advantage of it.