icon-calendar June 3, 2020
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

Webinar: “Brush up on Motor Design!” Vol.2 has been released.


Let’s take a closer look at the close relationship between circuits, control, and motors.
Here, Prof. Miller explains the concept of space-vectors, Park’s transformation, and the basics of IPM motor vector control.


In this video Prof. Miller explains the close relationship between the circuit theory, the control theory, and the field theory of electric machines. After a brief review of the nature of performance calculations, we see how the concept of the space-vector unifies the physical principles and the control methods for DC and AC machines, and goes beyond the scope of classical teaching to include the power-electronic switching inverter. The space-vector concept is explained in detail alongside Park’s transform, which is used to deal with saturation in the important IPM motor, using the finite-element method in an extremely efficient way. The conclusion is that a set of modern software tools redefines (and greatly extends) the classical concept of the unified theory of electric machines.

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The first webinar will be a seminar related to Vol.21 of the column “An engineer’s diary” by Professor Miller.
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