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Column: “An engineer’s diary”

[No. 35] The position of wires in the slot

The column “An engineer’s diary” by Prof. Miller is available on the JMAG website.
It is updated once a month, and the following columns have been published this month.

You can also make inquiries to Prof. Miller if you have any questions. There is a comment form at the bottom of each column page. If you have any comment for “An engineer’s diary”, please!!
* Please be assured that the comments you post will not be disclosed to other viewers.

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Prof.Miller, an authority on motor design, has also written a motor design book “Design of Brushless Permanent-Magnet Machines” (known as Green Book), and many of you may be familiar with it.
Prof.Miller has written a special column, and currently more than 30 columns are published on the JMAG website.
The contents of this column is diverse such as from motor design to engineer training.

In addition, we have published columns on various themes.
Please have a look along with “On-demand Webinar: Brush up on Motor Design!”.

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On-demand Webinar with subtitles in multilingual

On-demand Webinar

Jul 27-28:
Virtual North American JMAG User Conference 2021

This is to announce that the North America JMAG distributor POWERSYS will be holding the Virtual North American JMAG User Conference 2021.
We look forward to your participation.

Scheduled presenters:
– Virgin Hyperloop
– Arnold Magnetics
– TULA Technologies
– H3X
– Concordia University
– Typhoon HIL
– Gamma Technologies
– Powersim

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