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“Brush up on Motor Design!” Vol.15 has been released!

“Brush up on Motor Design!” by Prof. Miller, an authority on motor design is available on our website.
From beginners in motor design to experts in design and analysis, this content can be of reference to everyone.

In response to requests for subtitles, we are releasing subtitled versions from time to time.
You can view it not only in English but also in many languages!

[Vol.015] IPM Interior Permanent-Magnet Motor (Part 1 : The Rotor)

From this 15th seminar, we will be covering IPM motor design and this will be part 1, the rotor edition.
Up until the last seminar, we completed the design of a 10kW induction motor. We will now change only the rotor to IPM. For comparison’s sake, the stator shape of the induction motor will be used as it is for the IPM motor.
In this seminar, we will design the V-shaped rotor. I will introduce the historical changes in the rotor of permanent magnet motors and explain what each dimension is heavily dependent on.

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