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[JAC219] Axial Gap Type Motor Cogging Torque Analysis


The analysis of the cogging torque is sensitive to the mesh noise.
Especially for the axial gap motors, it needs to consider not only the periodicity and symmetricity of the meshing but also higher mesh resolution in the air gap capturing the fringing flux between the rotor and the stator.
In this application note, the periodicity of the cogging torque and its peak are evaluated.

Cogging Torque Waveform

A cogging torque waveform is shown in Fig. 1.
This result shows that the amplitude is approximately 0.044 Nm. The cogging torque period is determined by the number of slots and the number of poles. Since this analysis target has 8 poles and 6 slots, the cogging torque period is 15 deg obtained by dividing 360 by 24, the least common multiple of 6 and 8. The torque waveform result is periodic and has a period of 15 deg as well, and since the coils are not excited the torque waveform has half-wave symmetry.

Please see the website for “Magnetic Flux Density Distribution”.

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