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[JAC227] Circuit Control Simulation for Three-Phase Induction Motor


Since control design and motor design are designed by different designers, coordination of the designs is difficult. However, in order to realize the sophisticated demands of recent years, it is important to identify problems during the coordination between motor design and control/circuit design in the early stages of development. In cooperative design, it is possible to utilize circuit simulation using a highly accurate plant model.
Characteristics of the induction motor depend on motor shapes, materials, and drive states. For example, it is necessary to calculate the resistance of the secondary side by taking into account the current distribution in the secondary conductor, but the phenomenon is complicated and it is difficult to calculate manually.

JMAG-RT can create a highly accurate plant model (JMAG-RT model) by calculating the FEA while taking the motor shape, material, and driving condition into account, then extracting the characteristics of an induction motor.
In this example, we conduct a circuit simulation to control current and speed by incorporating the JMAG-RT model of an induction motor into the control/circuit simulator.

Control Circuit

The control circuit is shown in fig. 1. The command values are 2,000 r/min for rotation speed and 30 A for the d-axis current, and the voltage command value is connected to the motor via the inverter.

Please see the website for “Rotation Speed Waveform and d-Axis Current Waveform”.

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