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“Brush up on Motor Design!” Vol.24 has been released!

“Brush up on Motor Design!” by Prof. Miller, an authority on motor design is available on our website.
From beginners in motor design to experts in design and analysis, this content can be of reference to everyone.

The following webinars have been published this month.
You can view it not only in English but also in many languages!

[Vol.024] Switched Reluctance Motor

In this 24th seminar, we will be covering the Switched Reluctance Motor.
Switch reluctance motors have projecting poles on both the stator and rotor, so it is termed “doubly salient”.
This time, we will introduce the features of SR motors that carry DC current in one direction instead of AC sine waves.
In the next video, we’ll explore the torque production mechanism in more detail, and we’ll examine the magnetic field using JMAG.

You can also make inquiries to Prof. Miller if you have any questions. There is a comment form at the bottom of each seminar page.
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In addition, we have published columns on various themes.
We recommend first taking a look at Column: “An engineer’s diary”.

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CWIEME Berlin 2022

The Powersys and JSOL teams will exhibit at CWIEME 2022 the V21 new features of JMAG, the comprehensive software suite for electromechanical equipment design and development.

Dates: May 10th (Tuesday) to May 12th (Thursday) 2022
Location: Messe Berlin, SOUTH ENTRANCE, Messedamm 22, D-14055 Berlin, Germany
Booth Number: 5.2/A24

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