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[JAC268] SPM Motor Teeth Geometry Topology Optimization


Basic policies for motor design are the maximization of torque and low oscillation. The smaller the torque ripple, the lower the vibrations of the motor. Torque ripple is generally affected by stator teeth geometry. Due to the complexity of the magnetic flux distribution in gap vicinities, expressing detailed teeth geometry with magnetic equivalent circuits can prove to be of considerable difficulty.
Performing optimization that uses FEA capable of analyses based on actual geometry can be effective in satisfying these requirements.

Optimization results can be obtained with a high degree of freedom because topology optimization additionally performs searches that are not dependent on initial geometry.
In this document, the on / off method is used to search for stator teeth geometry that maximizes average torque and minimizes torque ripple with the entire areas of stator teeth tips as the design region.

Optimization Conditions

Fig. 1 shows the design region, and Table 1 shows the objective functions.
As shown in Fig. 1, the design region is the stator teeth parts, which are thought to have a large influence on torque and torque ripple.

Please see the website for “Optimization Results” and “Sensitivity Analysis”.

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