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Special Feature: Axial Gap Type Motor

Inquiries about “Axial Gap Type Motor” have been increasing.
We have prepared a special page with case examples.
Please take a look.

Axial-gap motors use an axial magnetic flux to rotate a disc-shaped rotor and stator facing each other.
The advantage is that it can be constructed thinner than a radial-gap motor, and if properly designed, a high torque can be obtained relative to the magnetic flux density.
The use of axial-gap motors expands to a wide variety of applications, including automobiles, and can meet market requirements with a design that takes advantage of its unique structure.

Please see the following pages for examples and sample data.

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JMAG Users Conference 2022 in Taiwan

This is to announce that the Taiwan JMAG distributor WisEnergy will be holding the JMAG Users Conference 2022 in Hybrid.
We look forward to your participation.

Dates: Thursday, September 15, 2022 (9:00-16:30 CST)
Venue:Hybrid mode:
– Physical User Conference (Location: AJ Hotel, Hsinchu)
– Online

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JMAG Users Conference & Workshop 2022 in France

We will be hosting the JMAG Users Conference in France.
The conference will be held over three days; the first and second day will be JMAG Users Conference, and Workshop will consist of the second day and the third day.
We will also hold training with a focus on JMAG features.
This will be a great opportunity to gain information on electromagnetic analysis technology trends, usage environments, and so on. Come join us!

– 2022 JMAG Users Conference
  Sep. 27 th at 9 am to Sep. 28 th at 12 pm (FREE)
– JMAG workshop
  Sep. 28th at 1.45 am to Sep. 29th at 5 pm (FEES: from 1,400 EUR)

Location: Hotel West End Nice (FRANCE)

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JMAG Users Conference & Workshop 2022 in USA

We will be hosting the JMAG Users Conference in USA.

– Advanced Motor Design Training
 Oct. 20th from 8:00am to 4:00pm
– Advanced Motor Design Conference
 Oct. 21st from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Location: The Beach House (USA)

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