JMAG Newsletter Spring,2011Highlights of the Spring Issue


The Spring Edition of the JMAG Newsletter brings with it even more information than before.

A series of articles will now be included to explain both model-based design and finite element analysis (FEA). The JMAG Newsletter is valuable for everyone from those currently using JMAG or those just starting to use JMAG or even anyone that is not presently using JMAG.

Please don't hesitate to share the JMAG Newsletter with everyone around you that are just starting out using JMAG. Let's take the journey into FEA and model-based design together.

In this edition, we interviewed the SIM-Drive Corporation headed by Hiroshi Shimizu, the pioneer of electric vehicle development in Japan as the Professor in Faculty of Environment and information Studies at Keio University. The SIM-Drive Corporation discusses their unique business model and ongoing efforts in developing in-wheel motors that provide a good driving experience, or more specifically, acceleration and low vibration.

The product report focuses on the CAD link features. JMAG-Designer provides a wide-range of innovations capable of analyzing CAD models that are imported in a feasible amount of time. This report also introduces the features used to analyze the data that is imported in addition to the CAD link features.

This edition of the JMAG Newsletter is packed with more information than ever before. We hope you find the information in this edition of the JMAG Newsletter valuable.

JSOL Corporation
Electromagnetic Engineering Department
Engineering Technology Division


  1. Implementing JMAG
  2. Product Report
  3. Model-based Design
  4. Impact of FEA on the Design Process
  5. Utilizing Support
  6. JMAG Application Catalog
      70 - Analysis of Impedance-Frequency Characteristics of a Cable
      126 - Magnetization Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents
  7. Event Information

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