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  1. [W-MB-102] Motor Efficiency Map Evaluation for Model-Based Development (MBD) Using FEA Simulation

    In MBD, it is necessary to evaluate devices characteristics without having to wait for the manufacturing of a prototype.

  2. [W-SE-113] Reduction of calculation time using Equivalent Circuit model

    In electrical machine design, the use of coupled analysis between the electromagnetic FEA and the motor drive control circuit is necessary in order to have an understanding of the…

  3. [JFT106] Multistage Analysis Using a Vector Potential Boundary Condition

    In this document, how to perform multistage analysis using a vector potential boundary condition is presented.

  4. [JFT101] Condition Settings Using the Response Values of Other Studies

    This document explains the procedure of referencing the analysis results of other studies, and using those as input values for calculations in further analyses.

  5. [JFT095] Obtaining Distribution Data from a Results File

    In this document, how to use APIs to obtain physical quantity data from a results file is presented.

  6. [JFT105] A CAD Link Function to 3D CAD Software NX

    In this document, how to open an NX .prt file in JMAG-Designer and change dimensions is presented.

  7. [JFT094] Parametric Analysis of Material Properties

    In this document a parametric analysis is carried out varying coefficients for an iron loss equation from case to case, and a procedure for obtaining Joule loss and hysteresis los…

  8. [JFT096] Performing Parametric Analysis Using an Analysis Parameter View

    In this document, how to perform parametric analysis using an analysis parameter view and how to check the results is presented.

  9. [JFT093] Shape Modification Using the Morphing Function (Moving Only Nodes on a Specified Edge)

    In this document, the procedure for moving only nodes in a mesh model on specified edges using the morphing function is presented.

  10. [JFT099] Mixing Manual Mesh and Auto Mesh

    In this document, how to import a mesh model in which quadrilateral elements have been set for some parts in Geometry Editor into JMAG-Designer and generate mesh for other parts w…

  11. [JFT092] Mesh Model Skew Deformation

    In this document, how to apply skew to a mesh model is presented.

  12. [JFT102] Setting 3D Model Coils Using the Winding Editor

    This document explains methods for setting the coils of a 3D model using the winding editor.

  13. [JFT098] Automatic Thread Allocation During Local Job Execution

    In this document, how to optimally allocate threads to cores is presented.

  14. [JFT100] Material Allotment per Element

    In this document, how to set a different material for each element of a part and how to create multiple cases with different material specifications for the elements is presented.

  15. [JFT107] Using the Parallel Time Periodic Finite Element Method (TP-FEM)

    This document describes methods for running calculations from JMAG-Scheduler using parallel TP-FEM.

  16. [JFT108] Creating a 3D Mesh Model from a 2D Mesh Model

    In this document, how to create a 3D mesh model from a 2D mesh model using Geometry Editor is presented.

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