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  1. [JFT064] Methods for Motor Vibration Analysis Accounting for Skew Effect with 2D Model

    This document explains methodology for motor vibration analysis accounting for 2D step skew.

    28 Dec 2018

  2. [JFT059] How to Account for Harmonic Current (JMAG-RT)

    This document explains how to use harmonic current waveforms in magnetic field analyses when obtained from running circuit simulation using plant models (JMAG-RT models).

    26 Dec 2018

  3. 235 – Reactor Core Stray Loss Analysis

    OverviewWhen designing a high-frequency reactor which is a key component in a converter, inductance and loss, which are parameters required for voltage conversion, are important factors. Copper loss …

    24 Oct 2018

  4. 203 – No-Load Test Analysis of Power Transformer

    OverviewLarge-scale power transformers are expected to be highly-reliable as machinery that will support the industry infrastructure, but unfortunately, it is impossible to conduct tests connecting t…

  5. 221 – Confirmation of the Influence in the Reduction of High-Frequency Resistance of a Magnetically Plated Wire Choke Coil

    OverviewA choke coil is an electronic component aimed at filtering high frequency current. The current generated inside a choke coil has a distribution in a single wire, and among the wires, due to c…

  6. 236 – Magnetic Circuit Optimization for Plastic Magnets in an Axial Magnetic Field

    OverviewPlastic magnets are characterized by light weight with high strength and have a high degree of freedom in shaping, and very suitable for mass production.Anisotropic plastic magnets with good …

  7. 73 – Analysis of Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor

    OverviewCapacitors are widely used as basic passive components in a variety of electric circuits. Parallel plate capacitors are taken up as the subject matter for how to obtain capacitance, a basic e…

  8. 142 – Press Fit Analysis of a Divided Core

    OverviewSmaller size and higher output are being demanded of the motors used for applications such as air conditioning compressors. One production technique for achieving this is a higher lamination …

  9. 167 – Iron Loss Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewAn induction motor is a motor in which the rotating magnetic field of the stator coils causes induced current to flow in an auxiliary conductor, which produces force in the rotational directi…

  10. 181 – Analysis of SR Motor Drive Characteristics

    OverviewWith the skyrocketing prices of rare earth magnets, expectations have been rising for SR (switched reluctance) motors because they have a motor format that does not use permanent magnets. SR …

  11. 202 – Core Stray Loss Analysis of Power Transformer

    OverviewStray loss is mainly caused by leakage flux from winding, but structures closer to the winding will tend to be affected easier by leakage flux. The ratio of stray loss relative to all losses …

  12. 20 – Sound Pressure Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewAs electric motors are becoming more common, motors which create less noise are in high demand. Sound can be divided into categories of electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise, and draft nois…

  13. 195 – Torque characteristics analysis of three-phase induction motors using 3D correction function

    OverviewAn induction motor is a motor in which the rotating magnetic field of the stator winding causes induced current to flow in an secondary conductor, which exerts force on the rotor in the rotat…

  14. [JFT054]Electromagnetic Force Spatial Modes Acting on a Stator

    In this document, from the electromagnetic force analysis results obtained in JMAG, the procedure to check the spatial modes of force acting on a stator using a radar graph is presented.

    27 Sep 2018

  15. [JFT056] Method of Using Scripts for Outputting Teeth Excitation, Torque Ripple (2D)

    In this document, sample data and a procedure are presented for learning how to use a teeth excitation force script and a torque ripple output script.

    20 Sep 2018

  16. [L-MO-29] Creating Efficiency Maps with JMAG (FEA)

    An efficiency map is an effective method for expressings the performance of a motor in all operating regions. Conditions which maximize efficiency are required to obtain an efficiency map, and a JMAG…

    19 Sep 2018

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