JMAG can optimize the design of a solenoid to maximize the force while minimizing the volume. This type of problem typically requires a realistic drive excitation. To accomplish this, JMAG can create a high fidelity solenoid model that can then be exported to a control/circuit simulation program. By using a precise plant model (JMAG-RT model), you can now apply a more realistic excitation to your circuit.

Evaluation Items

Cogging force, thrust force, attractive force, response, eddy current, residual magnetization, current control, induced voltage, efficiency, loss, heat generation, vibration and noise

Case Studies

Detailed Analysis of Solenoid Valves

This case study shows the electromagnetic force vector applied to the plunger when the valve is closed and the flow speed contour of the path in the valve.
As the plunger is attracted by electromagnetic force and the distance with the yoke becomes closer, the phenomenon of flow speed up is accurately simulated. By coupling and solving fluid force with the motion equation, in addition to electromagnetic force and spring force, we have simulated nonlinear response characteristics in detail.

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    • JMAG Leaflet

    [L-MB-32] Simulating Responsiveness of Electric Machinery During Control with High Accuracy Using a Direct Coupling Analysis

    For machines requiring high-speed responsiveness for controllers such as solenoid valves and injectors, level of accuracy required in simulation have increased following the advancement of controls. …

    19 Sep 2018

    • Application Catalog

    252 – Shape Optimization of a Solenoid Valve

    OverviewFor the good functioning of a solenoid valve, we want that the solenoid valve is as responsive as possible to the opening and closing commands. For this, we want to optimize the rise time of …

    15 May 2018

    • Application Catalog

    242 – Solenoid Valve Attractive Force Analysis Taking into Account Movable Part Motion

    OverviewSolenoid valves are used to adjust the inflow or outflow of liquids or gases by translational movement of the iron core. If an electric current is passed through the coil, an electromagnet is…

    15 Mar 2018

    • Application Catalog

    245 – Control of an Injector and the Impact of Eddy Currents

    OverviewJMAG allow us to connect directly a MATLAB/Simulink simulation with a JMAG one. When can therefore see the impact of the control system directly on our design. Furthermore we can now also see…

    14 Mar 2018

    • Application Catalog

    192 – Response Characteristics Analysis of Solenoid Valves Accounting for Residual Magnetization

    OverviewA solenoid valve becomes an electromagnet by applying current through the coil and moves the plunger by using electromagnetic force (attractive force) generated in the magnetic materials. Esp…

    9 Mar 2018

    • Application Catalog

    189 – Response Characteristics Analysis of Injectors Accounting for Collision

    OverviewA solenoid type injector used in engines opens a valve and injects fuel by moving a plunger with magnetic force created by an electromagnet. Injectors in engines need to respond quickly for a…

    8 Mar 2018

    • JMAG-RT Model Library

    [RTML-039] SOLENOID_01

    Features and principal useGeometry display on JMAG-DesignerTypeModelSOLENOID_01Stroke length3.5(mm)Dimension of a movable coreDiameter 11.0(mm)Height 15.0(mm)Mass of a movable core0.01(kg)Dimension o…

    6 Mar 2018

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Predicting Electromagnetic Pump Operation Using a Simulink-JMAG Coupled Analysis

    Kiyoto Matsumoto, R&D Department, IWAKI CO., LTD.

    14 Feb 2018

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Prediction of Solenoid Valve Motion by Magnetic Field – Fluid Two-Way Coupled Analysis

    Yukihiro Yoshinari, Technology Development Div., Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

    15 Mar 2017

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Cooperation analysis of optimization and quality engineering by modeFRONTIER and JMAG

    Manabu Kawaji, 2nd Electronics Engineering Dept., AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.AbstractIn the design of automotive parts, both part quality and affordability are very important; and it is difficult and time c…

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Attraction force analysis of a solenoid valve and system control simulation

    Yusaku Suzuki, JSOL Corp.

    13 Mar 2015

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Magnetic field analysis of solenoid actuator using JMAG-Designer

    Shoji Ishikawa, Motor Group, Motor & Control Technology Department, Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    JAnalysis of responsiveness of air pressure solenoid valves using JMAG-Designer

    Shinji Ito, CKD Corporation

    • Application Catalog

    116 – Operating Time Analysis of an Injector by Evaluating the Reduction in Eddy Currents

    OverviewA solenoid type injector used in engines opens a valve and injects fuel by moving a plunger with magnetic force created by an electromagnet. Injectors in engines need to respond quickly to ap…

    14 Apr 2009

    • Application Catalog

    98 – Response Analysis of a Solenoid Valve Using a Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    OverviewA solenoid valve opens and closes valves using the force of electromagnets. A valve that control‚“ the amount of fluid flowing has various states of open and closed. For this reason, this ana…

    9 Mar 2009

    • Application Catalog

    62 – Attractive Force Analysis of a Solenoid Valve

    OverviewSolenoid valves move their iron cores in a translational direction, and are used to adjust the inflow and outflow amounts of liquids and gasses. Running current through the coil forms an elec…

    24 Oct 2008

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