Power Converter

There are a variety of investigations that are possible in a power converter design. JMAG can simulate both winding and iron losses including the harmonic effects of the drive circuit. This can also be extended to losses generated under surge or fault conditions. With the loss distribution, it is then possible to calculate the temperature rise and include these effects in the thermal analysis.

Evaluation Items

Self-inductance, mutual inductance, induction voltage, load current, power, copper loss, iron loss, transmission efficiency, temperature distribution

Case Studies

The Twist Effect of a Litz Wire

In this transformer example, a ferrite core was modeled with a 0.1mm gap in order to keep flux density below 0.3T. Leakage flux will form around this gap and penetrate the coils in close proximity. This leakage flux induces losses that can be reduced by changing the winding to Litz wire. Using Litz wire reduces the copper losses by 20% by reducing the effects of the leakage flux.

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