JMAG-Express Online – Capable of Computing Basic Motor Characteristics in Just 1 Sec

JMAG-Express Online is a parameter-based motor design support tool.
It is possible to obtain in an instant the startup voltage constant, torque constant, inductance characteristics, current vs torque characteristics, rotation speed vs torque characteristics, iron loss / copper loss characteristics, etc. merely by inputting a geometry template, materials, windings, and drive conditions.
Because JMAG-Express Online can be used with tablets and smartphones, you can design motors anytime, anywhere, on the go or at home.

No installation required.
JMAG-Express Online can be used for free after creating an account.

Start using JMAG-Express Online

JMAG-Express Online

Extract motor characteristics in an instant

Displays motor characteristics form design specifications with one click
Requires no analysis experience

Evaluate torque, efficiency, loss, and inductance characteristics with graphs and numerical values

Rotation speed vs torque characteristics, iron loss / copper loss characteristics, etc. are displayed in graphs in an instant.
Motor characteristics can be confirmed from tables of machine constants.

Performance Graph

Design sheet

Define geometries with templates

Templates for PMSMs, induction machines and brush motors are available.

Brushless motor (IPM)

Brushless motor(IPM)
*Permanent magnet synchronous motors
Brushless motor (SPM)

Brushless motor(SPM)
*Permanent magnet synchronous motors
Induction motor

Induction motor
Switched reluctance motor

Switched reluctance motor
Brush motor

Brush motor
Synchronous Machine

Synchronous Machine
Synchronous machines

Claw Pole Alternator NEW!

Geometry sizing

A rough physical size can be decided simply by entering the minimum output expected of the motor.
Geometry and drive conditions can also be narrowed down by entering more information.

Efficiency Maps

Multiple maps can be compared when using the parametric function.

Temperature Evaluating

Generates a thermal equivalent circuit model of the motor and calculates the temperature of each part.

Design a Motor in 5 Minutes

When the desired power 50(kW) is specified, the size and comparative loading needed to achieve it are calculated automatically.
* This is not a video. There are items on the right side of this slide. Click the item you want to see, or click “Next >>” at the bottom of the screen to move forward with the slide.

Design a Motor in 5 Minutes (slide)

Update information

2020/07/31, 08/12 NEW! Gamma Technologies LLC.
Comprehensive System to Component xEV Simulation Using GT-SUITE and JMAG
Part I (Accurate concept-level electric motor design) 
Part II (Basic energy consumption evaluation) 
JMAG-Express Online Update
■ Main features
  • A report output function has been added. Evaluation results can now be output to PDF files.
  • It is now possible to perform analyses for claw pole alternators. Machine characteristics and efficiency maps can be evaluated.
  • The power factor and phase can now be displayed from brushless motor (IPM), brushless motor (SPM) efficiency maps.
  • The power factor can now be displayed from induction motor (IM) efficiency maps.
JMAG-Express Online Update
■ Main features
  • Efficiency Maps
  • Temperature Evaluating
JMAG-Express Online Update
■ Main features
  • Supports parametric functions
  • Supports evaluation results CSV file output
  • Graph display flexibility (specifying two axes, display order, etc.)
■ Functions not supported by JMAG-Express Online
  • DXF file importing
  • Sensitivity analysis
2018/06/07 JMAG-Express Online (JMAG-Express Web version) released


To all users of JMAG-Express Public
The August 5, 2019 update eliminates many of the differences with JMAG-Express Public.
If you have applied for JMAG-Express Online but have not been using it, please use the updated version.