JMAG-Express Online

The Web version of JMAG-Express, which can compute basic motor characteristics in 1 sec, has finally arrived!

JMAG-Express Online is a parameter-based motor design support tool.
It is possible to obtain in an instant the startup voltage constant, torque constant, inductance characteristics, current vs torque characteristics, rotation speed vs torque characteristics, iron loss / copper loss characteristics, etc. merely by inputting a geometry template, materials, windings, and drive conditions.
Because JMAG-Express Online can be used with tablets and smartphones, you can design motors anytime, anywhere, on the go or at home.

No installation required.
JMAG-Express Online can be used for free after creating an account.

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To all users of JMAG-Express Public
Thank you for using JMAG-Express Public.
The move to “JMAG-Express Online” was made as of May 31, 2018.
For those wanting to use “JMAG-Express Online”, we ask that you create an account.

JMAG-Express Online

Extract motor characteristics in an instant

Displays motor characteristics form design specifications with one click
Requires no analysis experience

Evaluate torque, efficiency, loss, and inductance characteristics with graphs and numerical values

Rotation speed vs torque characteristics, iron loss / copper loss characteristics, etc. are displayed in graphs in an instant.
Motor characteristics can be confirmed from tables of machine constants.

Define geometries with templates

Templates for PMSMs, induction machines and brush motors are available.





Permanent magnet DC motors
Permanent magnet
DC motors

Synchronous machines

Geometry sizing

A rough physical size can be decided simply by entering the minimum output expected of the motor.
Geometry and drive conditions can also be narrowed down by entering more information.

Design a Motor in 5 Minutes

When the desired power 50(kW) is specified, the size and comparative loading needed to achieve it are calculated automatically.

Design a Motor in 5 Minutes


2018/06/07 JMAG-Express Online Web released