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Services are limited to license administrators and users who are to actually use those services who are within a company that possesses the right to conclude a license agreement with our company.
Services may also be used by those who are currently within a free trial period.

We advise that users have either their License ID and password or User ID ready as provided by their license administrators.

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Registering as a “JMAG Web Member” also allows you to use JMAG-Express Online, which enables the ability to design motors online and view selected materials.
We encourage all those interested to register as so to make full use of what this membership provides.

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*Please be aware that services differ for Regular JMAG Software User (paid user)

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List of JMAG Website Services by Membership Type

Regular JMAG Software User
(paid user)
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User Academic
JMAG-Express Online [Free Software]
JMAG-RT Model Library (sample “Model Data” download and Web Help)
White Papers
JMAG Users Conference Proceedings
Video for Introducing the New Functions of JMAG-Designer
Webinar: “Brush up on Motor Design!”
Downloading JMAG Modules
Technical FAQs
Application Catalog (“Application Note” and sample “Model Data” download)
Self Learning System (JMAG -SLS)
Function Tutorial
(*1) Some services are unavailable to trial users.