Poster Session by the JMAG Engineers

Ⅰ: Day 1 11:40 – 13:10Ⅱ: Day 1 14:40 – 16:10Ⅲ: Day 2 11:30 – 13:00Ⅳ: Day 2 14:30 – 16:00

Poster Session Ⅰ
Thursday, December 09 11:40 – 13:10

A-1 Analysis Methods for SR Motors
B-2 Future Concepts of Magnetic Field Analysis
C-3 Efficiently Analysis for Richer Designs Parametric Analysis
D-4 Introducing the Periodic Rotational Mesh Feature
E-5 Feel it! Experience It! The Advanced Features Provided by the JMAG-Designer Interface
F-6 Thoroughly Understanding Brush Motors and Brush Components
G-7 Torque Characteristic Analyses of PM/HB Stepping Motors
H-8 Simulating Linear Motors
I-9 Configuration and Points of Using JMAG-RT Motor Models for Control Simulations

Poster Session Ⅱ
Thursday, December 09 14:40 – 16:10

A-10 Specialized Evaluation Methods for PM Motor Development
B-11 Configuring Coupled Analyses
C-12 Realizing Multi-perspective Mechanical Design Linking Abaqus/LMS
D-13 Importance of Thermal Analyses for Electromechanical Equipment
E-14 Benefits of JMAG-RT for Model Based Design
F-15 Introducing the JMAG Parallel Solver – Selecting SMP/DMP and the Hardware –
G-16 Electromagnetic Vibration Analyses of Motors
H-17 Using and Distributing JMAG-RT Specifications
I-18 Motor Control Simulation Using HILS

Poster Session Ⅲ
Friday, December 10 11:30 – 13:00

A-19 Analysis Technology for Highly Efficient Generator Design
B-20 Enhancing the Geometry of Bus bars as a Measure for Partial Inductance – Utilizing the JMAG Bus bar Inductance Tool –
C-21 EMC Motor Drive Systems
D-22 Section Analysis Feature Integrating 3D Design and 2D Analyses
E-23 Induction Machines — Introducing Analyses by Application
F-24 Analysis of a Solenoid Valve for Designers
G-25 Magnetic Resonance Analysis for New Non-contact Power Supplies
H-26 Furthering a Consistent Analysis Workflow Analyses
I-27 New Features and Future Development Plan of JMAG-Designer 10.4

Poster Session Ⅳ
Friday, December 10 14:30 – 16:00

A-28 Analysis Technology for Electromagnetic Induction Heating
B-29 Analysis Technology for Electromagnetic Cookers
C-30 Introducing Features and Applications for Magnetization Analyses
D-31 New Highly Accurate Dynamic Analyses for Switching Transformers
E-32 Power Transformers — Comprehensive Analyses for Robustness and Safety
F-33 Analysis Technology for Reactors
G-34 Generating Various Mesh
H-35 Efficiently Resolving Problems Encountered When Generating Mesh
I-36 Analysis Technology for Induction Hardening