Day1: Wednesday, December 4 / Day2: Thursday, December 5

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: Presentations with this mark offer simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation.
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DAY1: Wednesday, December 4 10:00 – 18:10 (Registration 9:30 – )

AM Keynote Speech / Development planning Development planning of JMAG
Dr. Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

Keynote Speech
Consideration to Cores and the Materials in Numerical Mr. Chikara Kaido, Kitakyushu National College of Technology
Dr. Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

Break (Lunch)
PM User Examples
Large Scale Analyses and Vibration Analysis – Large Transformer –

Coil Vibration as a Noise Source Generated by Transformer Load Current

Motor 1

The study of calculation accuracy improvement for magnetic loss of motor
Mr. Kohichi Tanimoto, DENSO CORPORATION

Induction Heating

Actuality and Scope on Simulation of Heat Treatment
Dr. Ju, Dong-ying, Saitama Institute of Technology

Large Scale Analyses and Vibration Analysis – Large Transformer –

Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Transformers in Direct Current Bias Magnetism
Mr. Kenichi Tanaka, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

Induction Heating

High-Frequency Induction Heating Simulation using a Coupling of JMAG and COSMAP
Mr. Yohei Awata, Denki Kogyo Company

Large Scale Analyses and Vibration Analysis – Large Transformer –

The coupling of JMAG with Virtual.Lab Acoustics in view of efficiently predicting Transformer (Acoustic) Noise.

Forum Workshop in English
・JMAG-Designer Ver.13 Introduction & JMAG tips
User Examples
Thermal Countermeasures

JMAG-Designer Case Studies and Issues for Magnetic Separators
Mr. Takashi Watanabe, Nippon Magnetics, Inc.

Motor 2

An Initiative to Reduce Vibration in an Electric Vehicle Motor
Mr. Tsutomu Tanimoto, NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.

Thermal Countermeasures

Case Studies Using JMAG in Electric Motor Development
Ms. Miho Shimada, KYB Corporation

Induction Heating

Abaqus – JMAG Cosimulation of Induction Heating and Induction Forming Processes
Mr. Kazuhiro Maeda, Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.


DAY2: Thursday, December 5 9:00 – 17:35 (Registration 8:30 -)

AM Morning Session
Useful Tips for JMAG-Designer
Find all Tips here. Special contents just for early arrivers.
Masayuki Kawai, JSOL Corp.
User Examples
Large Generator

Stress analysis of stator coil-end portion of turbine generator
Mr. Kohei Kuroda, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

High Frequency Transformer

A Transient Core Loss Calculation Algorithm for Soft Magnetic Composite Material
Mr. Masaki Wasekura, Toyota Motor Corporation


An Example of Motor Control ECU Software Verification from HILS using JMAG-RT
Mr. Tomohiro Morita, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

Large Generator

A Tubular Hydro-Generator Through Bolts Failure Analysis
Mr. Li Jianfu, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd

High Frequency Transformer

Enhancing Precision in Superimposed Direct Current Characteristics Computations using a Powder Soft Magnetic Core
Mr. Kinji Kanagawa, MITSUBISHI MATERIALS Corporation


A Model-Based Development Process of Automobile Using JMAG-RT and PSIM
Mr. Minoru Miyakoshi, Mr. Hirotaka Toda, and Mr. Hisayuki Kabashima, Mazda Motor Corporation

JMAG-RT Seminar
– JMAG-RT Platform Latest News –
Workshop in English
・Technical workshop
  -Loss analysis
Future Planning with an Aim of Expanding Systems Supporting JMAG-RT
JSOL Corp.
High-precision HILS Solution for EV/HEV Control Development
Mr. Koji Fukusumi, dSPACE Japan K.K
The Comparison of the real motor and motor HILS using spatial harmonics model
Mr. Kazumichi Kaneko, A&D Company, Limited
Application and Development Environment of Virtual Motor Torque Ripple Reduction Control
Mr. Yoshihiko Ozaki, DSP Technorogy Co.,Ltd.
Break (Lunch)
PM Forum Workshop in English
・Technical workshop
 - Small multiphysics
User Examples
Loss Analysis

Role of Electrical Machines in Electrification
Mr. Ayman M. EL-Refaie, General Electric Global Research Center

Motor 3

Magnetic Field Analysis of a Claw Pole Rotating Machine
Mr. Toshiyuki Yoshizawa, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Motor 3

Comparative Study of Field-Excitation Flux-Switching Motor Against PMSM for ISG Application
Dr. Kwanghee Nam, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

High Frequency Transformer 2

Easy Simulation Method of the Inductor Devices.
Mr. Hidenori Uematsu, Panasonic Corporation Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

Motor 3

Study on Self-Excitation Wound-Field Motor with Field Poles Excited by Space Harmonics
Mr. Masahiro Aoyama, Shizuoka University, Suzuki Motor Corporation

High Frequency Transformer 2

Development of the Highly Functional Integrated Magnetic Transformer for Power Electronics
Dr. Tatsuya Hosotani, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Development planning Development Planning 2 of JMAG
Summarized report on requests received from participants in the 2013 JMAG Users Conference.
Dr. Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.