JMAG Seminars

Seminars are hosted by the JMAG engineers along with poster sessions that offer a unique and productive experience for all those that attend.

Thursday, December 10

Parametric Analyses Using JMAG-Designer
A parametric analysis function has been implemented in JMAG-Designer version 10.0. This seminar introduces the specific analysis steps required to perform a parametric analysis.
Practical Electromagnetics for Electrical Device Analysis
This seminar outlines the electromagnetic aspects and organization of analysis results obtained from analyses of electrical devices.

Friday, December 11

Practical Methods for Induction Heating Analyses
This seminar describes the characteristics of induction heating analyses and outlines specific notes of caution when using analysis technology to investigate induction heating.
Designing Transformers and Estimating Problems and Countermeasures
This seminar outlines methods to miniaturize and improve the efficiency of transformers from small high-frequency transformers to large high-power transformers while measuring characteristics to estimate problems that can occur such as heat and noise.
Reducing the Time Required for Analyses Using JMAG’s Distributed Processing and Parallel Solver
Have you ever needed to run and optimize a magnetic field analysis for multiple cases using JMAG-RT? The time required for these types of analysis can be minimized by using the distributed processing function in JMAG. Have you ever had to run an extensive analysis to comprehensively evaluate the phenomena of a device? The parallel solver provides an effective way to reduce the time required for these extensive analyses. JMAG has a powerful parallel solver compatible with a wide variety of hardware. This seminar introduces and then demonstrates when and how JMAG’s distributed processing function and parallel solver can be effective. We look forward to seeing you there.
Automating Analysis Procedures with the Analysis Tool for Designers JMAG-Bus
Simulations can be used instantly during the design process by automating the analysis procedures to match the design workflow. This seminar introduces an analysis tool to automate the JMAG analysis workflow.
Utilizing Motor Models for Control Design
This seminar introduces examples that utilize JMAG-RT for control designs and power electronic designs of motor drive systems. In addition, the increased speed of calculation as well as other new innovations implemented in the latest version of JMAG are also presented.

Seminars by Exhibitors

  Thursday, December 10, 15:45-16:10
Measuring the Electromagnetic Force of an Inverter Motor
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
This seminar introduces ways to utilize the electromagnetic force calculation to accurately measure electromagnetic force.
  Friday, December 11, 16:40-17:05
Description and Measurement of Torque Ripple
TOYO Corporation.
This seminar provides a fundamental description of the torque ripple that causes noise and vibrations in motors.
1. What is torque ripple?
2. Structure of the measurement system
3. Steps to Evaluate Torque Ripple

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