Poster Session

A poster area is provided where you can freely contemplate the technology topics.
This is recommended to better understand the ideas behind analysis and to learn about the development policies of JMAG.
White papers and leaflets will be provided at each poster.
Please feel free to use it as a social place to have technical discussions and exchange information.

Date Poster number Application Level Academic Title
1-2 P1 General purpose All levels Improvement of analysis workflow using JMAG V19
1-2 P2 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior The Migration from JMAG-Studio to JMAG-Designer.-Preparation to the end of support of JMAG-Studio-
1 P3 General purpose Intermediate level High-speed technology for large and small scale analyses in JMAG-Designer
1 P5 General purpose Senior Detailed analysis using the zooming function
1 P6 General purpose Elementary level- Intermediate level Accuracy improvement of minute electromagnetic force calculation
1 P7 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior Review of iron loss calculation and introduce new function
1 P8 General purpose Senior Accuracy and ICCG convergence in non-confroming slide
1 P9 General purpose Intermediate level New functions of automatic mesh generation and how to use them
1 P10 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior Unleashing the power of mesh models.
1 P11 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior JMAG-Designer performance improvements: Recent updates and plans
1 P12 General purpose Beginner Improve performance of analysis process using “Application Parameter View” and “Result View”
1 P13 Motor Intermediate level-Senior Evaluation and validation of efficiency map taking account for harmonics, AC loss,buildinf factor
1 P14 Motor Intermediate level-Senior Design Study by Optimization of Efficiency Map
1 P15 General purpose Intermediate level Topology optimization of a magnetic circuit ~ NGnet and density method ~
1 P16 General purpose Senior Topology optimization examples by JMAG-Designer
1 P17 General purpose Intermediate level Multi-constraint and multi-objective optimization design of electrical equipment
1 P18 General purpose Elementary level- Intermediate level Making the best use of features for Parametric Analysis of Geometry in JMAG-Designer
1 P19 IH Elementary level- Intermediate level Modeling of induction heating analysis
1 P20 Solenoid/Actuator Elementary level- Intermediate level Introduction of modeling method and analysis examples of solenoid and actuator
1 P21 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior Utilizing JMAG-Designer for surge noise analysis of power electronics
1 P22 Solenoid/Actuator Intermediate level Learn from simulation technique of large machines
1-2 P23 General purpose All levels JMAG-Designer Engineer Training Program
1-2 P24 General purpose Beginner JSOL’s approach to academics
2 P25 General purpose RT Intermediate level JMAG-RT Introduction of new framework
2 P26 General purpose RT Senior JMAG-RT generic model case studies
2 P27 Motor Intermediate level-Senior Introduction of control circuit function of JMAG-Designer
2 P28 Motor Intermediate level Introduction of functions for realizing high-accuracy efficiency map
2 P30 Motor Intermediate level Improvement of system level simulation using JMAG
2 P31 General purpose Senior Modeling method of excess loss and issues
2 P32 General purpose Elementary level- Intermediate level Modeling method for AC copper loss analysis
2 P33 General purpose Senior Magnetic field – fluid coupled analysis for high precision simulation
2 P34 General purpose Intermediate level Structural analysis considering material nonlinearity and contact nonlinearity
2 P35 General purpose Intermediate level-Senior Accelerated mapping of physical quantities in multiphysics studies.
2 P36 Motor Beginner Introduction of efficiency map and thermal evaluation using motor design web application
2 P39 Motor Elementary level- Intermediate level High accuracy analysis of induction machines using JMAG-Designer
2 P40 Non-motor Beginner Modeling methods and examples of wireless power transfer and high-frequency inductor
2 P41 Motor Elementary level- Intermediate level Simplifying the model setup using the winding and magnet settings
2 P42 General purpose Intermediate level Identification of material properties using JMAG-Designer
2 P43 General purpose Elementary level- Intermediate level Accumulate “know-how” and reduce your workload using Analysis templates
2 P44 General purpose Intermediate level Process automation that fully utilizes JMAG-Designer’s functions