We would like to protect the intellectual property of the speakers who have contributed to the presentations of the JMAG Users Conference.
Therefore, the video recording, audio recording and screen capture are prohibited at JMAG Users Conference Hybrid.
We appreciate your cooperation so that we can continue to exchange useful information.

 : Presentations with this mark offer simultaneous Japanese (JA), English (EN) and Chinese (CN) interpretation.
How to use the simultaneous interpretation function 
How to participate with a web browser 

December 1-10:On-demand

Academic Poster Session

We inform you students of the university who use JMAG in their laboratory have a poster session.
Would you look over their posters how is it utilized in each study in the laboratory of the university?

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Partner seminar / Catalog Exhibition

JMAG has links to many tools.
We have asked our partners to introduce their related products and services that may be useful to JMAG users.
Case studies have also been updated.
Please make sure to visit their respective websites.

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* The contents of the program are subject to change without notice.
* The number of participants attending Workshops and Seminars may change depending on circumstances and applicant numbers.
* Competitors and their associates may be refused admittance at times. We appreciate your understanding.
* Visual or audio recording of the event using items like video or still cameras, mobile phones, audio recording equipment or the like is strictly forbidden.
Anybody found using such devices will be subjected to steps such as having the offending data erased. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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