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The main purpose of the Users Conference is to allow participants to exchange technology, and we would like it to be a place where everyone is brought closer together to share the vision of a brighter future for device manufacturing.
We hope you enjoy the exhibitions and technical discussions by JMAG’s technical partners.


SCSK Corporation
NewtonWorks Corporation
Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation
JFE Techno-Research Corporation
Höganäs Japan K.K.
NEAT Co., Ltd.
Motion System Tech Inc.
Rescale Japan K.K.
DSP Technology Co.,Ltd.
MathWorks Japan
Foundation for Computational Science
Concurrent Nippon Corporation
Myway Plus Corporation

Partner seminar

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation
PS-01  Wed Dec 07 13:10-13:40

Effective use and data application of oscilloscopes and power meter.

In order to correctly evaluate the performance of motors, control drivers, and other devices, it is essential to conduct demonstration experiments using high-precision measurement instruments in addition to simulations. Yokogawa Test&Measurements introduces how to improve operational efficiency by solving issues of measurement methods and data processing in demonstration experiments, with specific examples.

MathWorks Japan
PS-02  Wed Dec 07 16:00-16:30

Model-Based Design for Motor Control System Development

In recent years, many companies have been steadily expanding their development activities using virtual environments instead of actual equipment.
In addition, in order to launch products in a timely manner in the rapidly changing product market, it is necessary to develop systems that utilize simulation from the early stages of development.
It is said that in order to launch products in a timely manner in the rapidly changing product market, it is imperative to study the system using simulation from the early development phase to ensure quality and shorten the overall development period.
In addition, development efficiency can be improved by using the right tool for the right job at the right time in accordance with the development phase.
In this presentation, we will focus on motor control and present a workflow from system study to implementation using electrification-ready products as the subject.
In doing so, we will introduce the key points to use in conjunction with JMAG-RT and MATLAB, Simulink.

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PS-03  Wed Dec 07 16:00-16:30

The introduction of new JMAG direct interface of modeFRONTIER

Many users of modeFRONTIER, the multi-purpose robust design optimization support tool, have been using the JMAG node extensively. But multi-case, group analysis, and efficiency map studies were not supported. And also PSL was not supported in detail. We have now developed a new JMAG direct interface to solve these problems. In this presentation, we will provide a detailed explanation of the functionality.

NewtonWorks Corporation
PS-04  Thu Dec 08 14:35-15:05

The Vibration and Noise Reduction Method by 1D Model Refinement and Excitation Force and Transmission System Improvement in the Rotating Machine Consisting of a Motor

The behavior of the motor changes depending on the machine it is being connected to. Therefore, it is effective to replicate the entire machine using a 1D model, and is important to detail each component in a1D model in order to obtain results that are closer to the actual ones. As a method of detailing each component in a 1D model, we would like to propose the motor that takes into consideration the induced voltage map, the shaft that accounts for the rotor dynamics, the gear that accounts for the mesh stiffness, the bearing that accounts for nonlinear characteristics, and the case/housing modeled as a 3D elastic body. On the other hand, the vibration and noise reduction of the rotating machine remains as a critical issue to this date. In response to this issue, we would like to propose an analysis process that enables the vibration and noise reduction of the rotating machine by “improving the excitation force by optimizing the gear tooth surface by accounting for the error angle” and “applying the optimized geometry from the case derived in the non-parametric optimization” with a 1D model as a basis.

Rescale Japan K.K.
PS-05  Thu Dec 08 14:35-15:05

Expand JMAG Workflow on Rescale Cloud HPC Platform

Rescale cloud HPC platform is an HPC-as-a-Service that easily solves various requirements in the HPC environment on the cloud. Designers/analysts can run simulation applications such as JMAG on the cloud through a web browser, and also optimization and co-simulation workflows are supported. For administrators, the Rescale platform provides various settings, trail logs, and security necessary for enterprises. In this session, we will introduce the features and latest updates of Rescale cloud HPC platform.