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The main purpose of the Users Conference is to allow participants to exchange technology, and we would like it to be a place where everyone is brought closer together to share the vision of a brighter future for device manufacturing.
We hope you enjoy the exhibitions and technical discussions by JMAG’s technical partners.


Nagaoka Motor Development Co., Ltd.
JFE Techno-Research Corporation
Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation
Höganäs Japan K.K.
Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
NewtonWorks Corporation
NDK Inc.
Myway Plus Corporation
DSP Technology Co.,Ltd.
SCSK Corporation / Hewlett Packard Japan, G.K.
MathWorks Japan
FunctionBay, Inc.
Motion System Tech Inc.
dSPACE Japan K.K.

Partner seminar

MathWorks Japan
PS-01  Wed Dec 06 13:20-13:50

Model-based calibration enables optimal torque control of synchronous motors in a short time

Motors are used in a wide range of industries due to their convenience.
Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), in particular, are widely used as traction motors for EVs due to their high power density and fast dynamic response.
However, when the motor rotates at high speeds, the drive current stops flowing and the speed cannot be increased, requiring weak flux control to raise the speed above the rated voltage.
This seminar will introduce the workflow for adapting an optimized lookup table for magnetic field weakening torque control of traction IPMSMs. The seminar will also introduce the key points to use with JMAG-RT.
How to quickly and efficiently tune control parameters and improve the performance of motor control systems is an important challenge. MathWorks offers a solution for model-based automatic tuning of control systems.

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PS-02  Wed Dec 06 13:20-13:50

1 : JMAG-Ansys-Optimus electromagnetic field-structure analysis
2 : AI and PIDO integration – Fast non-parametric shape optimisation –

Two themes will be presented on Optimus, which supports optimal design.
The first is the introduction of a solution that uses Optimus as a platform and JMAG-Ansys to carry out electromagnetic field and structural analysis. The performance evaluation of EV motors requires consideration of multiple phenomena such as electromagnetic, thermal, vibration and noise, and connecting the gold-standard tools in each of these fields will promote development efficiency.
The second theme will show how Optimus can be used to integrate surrogate AI models with Optimus, including fast non-parametric optimisation.

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Nagaoka Motor Development
PS-03  Thu Dec 06 15:40-16:10

Model Based Development with JMAG-RT and “Power Electronics Trainer”

“Power Electronics Trainer” is a set of circuit, motor, and control simulation models that can support both beginners and advanced users of power electronics. The control simulation model also models sensor gains in the circuit and peripherals such as ADC, QEP, and PWM in the microcontroller, allowing for a smooth transition from simulation to experimentation through automatic code generation.
In motor development, a model based on the general voltage equation is sufficient for beginners, but simulation using the FEA model, which is used in plant design, is essential for the practical level.
In this presentation, we will introduce an example of using JMAG-RT as a simulation model for Power Electronics Trainer. SynRM and PMSM designed with JMAG will be used for the actual machine. Since the transition from simulation to experiment can be done smoothly, it is possible to immediately check the differences between the experimental results and the FEA model, which is also useful for evaluation.

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PS-04  Wed Dec 06 15:40-16:10

SIMBA, Reinventing Motor Drive Simulation

Simba is a modeling and simulation software for motor drive systems. With an intuitive and sleek interface, it helps engineers analyze and design complex systems. Simba’s unprecedented speed, accuracy, and simplicity allow engineers to minimize the simulation setup time and maximize the time for solving actual engineering problems.
Recently Simba has released two new major features; Spice-level detailed nonlinear switching device and JMAG-RT link. By combining these two features, detailed electromagnetic phenomena in machines such as the magnetic saturation, the spatial harmonics and iron losses can be easily considered in the inverter simulation while capturing voltage overshoot, electromagnetic interference, and other transient interactions.
In this presentation, first, we will review Simba’s profile and basic features. Then JMAG-RT link in Simba will be discussed while taking a traction motor model for EVs as an example (80kW 8poles 48 slots). In this part, the spatial harmonics analysis as well as the loss analysis from both the motor and the inverter are demonstrated. Subsequently, the advantage of using Simba’s Spice-level detailed nonlinear switch devices in the inverter modeling together with JMAG-RT models is explored further.

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HEXAGON  Manufacturing Intelligence
PS-08  Thu Dec 07 12:20-12:50

JMAG and HEXAGON Tool Design Approach for NV Performance

HEXAGON provides structural, acoustic, and gear analysis software (MSC Nastran, Actran, Romax, etc.) that is highly relevant to JMAG.
If HEXAGON software is used in a different department from the motor design department, data needed for collaboration may

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Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
PS-05  Thu Dec 07 13:00-13:30

High-performance soft magnetic materials for Electric Vehicles

Amorphous and nanocrystalline are two of the latest soft magnetic materials known to mankind. Due to its better loss performance, amorphous materials can be made into motors to greatly increase the driving range of electric vehicles. Due to its higher magnetic permeability, nanocrystalline materials can be used as automotive OBC common mode inductors or electric drive filter magnetic rings to achieve smaller volumes with the same impedance. Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.’s amorphous ribbon market share ranks first in the world and nanocrystalline ribbon market share ranks first in China. We hope to use the most advanced magnetic materials to better support the development of electric vehicles.

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Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation
PS-06  Thu Dec 07 14:50-15:20

Integrated measurement of real-time dq current, heat, sound, and vibration for evaluation of actual motors

Actual motor evaluation requires measurement of multiple signals such as current, heat, and vibration with multiple measuring instruments, which is time-consuming and troublesome.
Our product enables integrated measurement of current, temperature, acceleration, etc., as well as calculations such as differential-integral and dq conversion with a single unit, thereby reducing the time and effort required for data synchronization and post-processing, and facilitating comparison with analysis values.
In this presentation, we will introduce motor evaluation using our measuring instruments.

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NewtonWorks Corporation
PS-07  Thu Dec 07 14:50-15:20

Advances in 1D Simulation for Motor System Vibration

Vibration of motor-applied products has become a problem due to the increase in motor rotation speed.
Using the system analysis tool SimulationX as a platform, we will introduce system analysis and countermeasure examples using JMAG-RT that take into account motor excitation force and vibration of mechanisms and structural factors.

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A wealth of content will be provided to satisfy a range of skill levels including JMAG wizards and beginners, as well as those who have not yet participated in the Users Conference.
We provide simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and English.
We look forward to your participation.

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