Poster Session

A poster area is provided where you can freely contemplate the technology topics.
This is recommended to better understand the ideas behind analysis and to learn about the development policies of JMAG.
Please feel free to use it as a social place to have technical discussions and exchange information.

Exhibition time

  • Dec. 6 15:40-16:50
  • Dec. 7 08:30-10:30 / 14:50-16:00
Date Poster number Motor Transformer Induction Heating Bus Bar,etc. Title
Dec. 6 PS01-01 Evaluation of Modeling of Leakage Magnetic Flux from the Motor to Which the Resolver is Exposed
Dec. 6 PS01-02 Linear Motor Evaluation Functions and Analysis Examples for Further Utilization of JMAG
Dec. 6 PS01-03 3D Analysis for Induction Machine Design
Dec. 6 PS01-04 How About Starting the Analysis of Electrically Excited Synchronous Machines?
Dec. 6 PS01-05 Encouragement of Topology Optimization in Design Automation for Electrical Equipment
Dec. 6 PS01-06 Performance Improvements of the Pre/Post Processor Targeting Models with 200 Million Elements
Dec. 6 PS01-07 JMAG-Express: Early-Stage Multi-Discipline Design Framework
Dec. 6 PS01-08 Reduce Rework in Motor Design by Considering the Vibration Characteristics for System Level!
Dec. 6 PS01-09 Verification & Validation Activities Aimed at Improving Reliability of Torque Calculations -Average Torque Evaluation of IPM Motor for Compressor-
Dec. 6 PS01-10 Accuracy Verification of Contact thermal Resistance and Cooling Model, and Temperature Evaluation of Electric Motor
Dec. 6 PS01-12 High-Precision Modeling of Materials -Permanent Magnet-
Dec. 6 PS01-13 Coil End Modeling Using JMAG Coil Template
Dec. 6 PS01-14 Simultaneous Evaluation of Multiple Motor Types and Subsequent Optimal Design Using JMAG-Express
Dec. 6 PS01-15 Using User Geometry in JMAG-Express
Dec. 6 PS01-16 Induction Motor Efficiency Map Creation Using HPC
Dec. 6 PS01-17 PMSM Efficiency Map Creation Using HPC
Dec. 6 PS01-18 JMAG-RT 6-Phase Pole-Changing Induction Motor
Dec. 6 PS01-19 Receiving Power to the Neutral Terminal in Motor Control Simulation
Dec. 6 PS01-20 How to Proceed Efficiently Analysis Execution -Utilizing Warning Messages-
Dec. 6 PS01-21 Frequent Inquiries and Solutions Through FAQ
Dec. 6 PS01-22 Motor Design Recommendations for Engineers Whose Major are Mechanical Engineering
Dec. 7 PS01-11 JMAG Ver.23.0; Realizing Automatic Design of Electric Equipment
Dec. 7 PS02-01 Key Features When Evaluating Wireless Power Transfer Device
Dec. 7 PS02-02 Modeling Points to Keep in Mind When Performing Induction Heating Analysis
Dec. 7 PS02-03 Examples of Transformer Loss/Thermal Analysis and Sound Pressure Analysis
Dec. 7 PS02-04 Introducing Analysis Examples of Reactors and Converters
Dec. 7 PS02-05 Temperature, Thermal Stress, and Inductance Calculation of Busbar
Dec. 7 PS02-06 Coupled Magnetic-Control Analysis Recuired for Magnetic Circuit Design
Dec. 7 PS02-07 Accelerate Large-Scale Optimization Calculations
Dec. 7 PS02-08 Effectiveness of Parametric Optimization for Multi-Objective, Multi-Constraint Problem
Dec. 7 PS02-09 Massively Parallel processing of 3D Models for Design Exploration and Virtual Prototyping
Dec. 7 PS02-10 Meshing Techniques to Improve Calculation Accuracy and Speed for the Eddy Current Problem
Dec. 7 PS02-11 Multi-case Calculations Using HPC Clusters -Construction and Management of Computing Environment-
Dec. 7 PS02-12 Techniques for Improving Loss Calculation Accuracy -Harmonic Iron Loss and AC Copper Loss-
Dec. 7 PS02-13 Speed Up of AC Loss Analysis of Motor and Wireless Power Supply
Dec. 7 PS02-14 Techniques for Improvement of Hysteresis Loss Calculation Accuracy
Dec. 7 PS02-15 High-precision Modeling of Materials -Detailed BH Curve and Material Database-
Dec. 7 PS02-16 JMAG-RT Plant Model with High Accuracy for Use in Motor Design
Dec. 7 PS02-17 Verification & Validation: HEFSM Case Study
Dec. 7 PS02-18 EESM Efficiency Map Creation Using HPC
Dec. 7 PS02-19 Introducing Contact Thermal Resistance and Cooling Modeling Functions that can be Used Practically in Thermal Design
Dec. 7 PS02-20 Thermal Coupled Analysis for Magnetic Circuit Design –Comparison of Actual Motor Temperature Measurements–
Dec. 7 PS02-21 Importance of Considering Material Nonlinearity and Contact Condition in Stress Analysis of Rotating Machines
Dec. 7 PS02-22 Let’s Start Multifaceted Evaluation with JMAG-Express: Stress Scenario
Dec. 7 PS02-23 Fast Evaluation of Dielectric Strength with Electric Field Analysis Speed Priority Mode