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  1. [W-MA-88] Improvements in Accuracy of Anomalous Eddy Current Loss Calculations

    In iron loss analysis, conventionally, methods using previously measured iron loss data have been mainly used (hereinafter referred to as conventional methods).

    29 Aug 2018

  2. [W-SE-72] Reduction of Time Steps by Using Time Periodic Explicit Error Correction Method

    1. IntroductionIn electrical equipment design, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software is used to make the bestpossible products within allowable timelines. In particular, finite element analysis (…

    26 Mar 2018

  3. [W-SE-75] Iterative Calculations and Convergence Characteristics

    1. IntroductionIn electromagnetic field finite element analysis (FEA) which is often used in electrical equipment design,there are two iterative processes shown in Fig. 1. The outer loop is nonlinea…

  4. [W-SE-74] Electromagnetic Force Calculations Using the Adaptive Function

    1. IntroductionOne of the motivations for performing electromagnetic field analysis in electrical equipment design is theevaluation of electromagnetic force. However, when a disturbance is added whic…

  5. [W-MA-70] Mesh Modeling for Coil AC Loss Analysis

    1. IntroductionIn recent years, the use of square wire coils has been on the rise to produce higher output in rotating machines. For this reason, in analysis, there has been an increase in modeling w…

    19 Jul 2018

  6. [W-MO-85] Efficiency Map Evaluations Considering Harmonic Loss

    Overview1. BackgroundAlong with high efficiency of electromagnetic equipment, highly accurate loss analysis is an important subject in electromagnetic field analysis. Permanent magnet synchronous mot…

    7 Mar 2018

  7. [W-SE-73] Influence of Element Shapes Near the Coil on Convergence

    1. IntroductionMesh is essential for the accuracy and convergence of iterative calculations such as ICCG in the finite elementmethod. If the necessary resolution for required areas is not appropriate…

    26 Mar 2018

  8. [W-HU-71] Notes on Performance Evaluation and Hardware Selection of JMAG Parallel Solver

    Overview1. IntroductionLead times for the competitive design of automobiles and electric appliances are getting shorter and moreunforgiving each year. One way to reduce design lead time is to incorpo…

  9. [W-MA-51] Understanding Electromagnetic Phenomena in Steel Sheets Through Simulation

    Overview1. IntroductionDiscussions so far have focused on the degree to which agreement was found with respect to total loss on actual measurements and analysis in iron loss evaluations. However, as …

    7 Mar 2018

  10. [W-MB-64] Modeling Loss in JMAG-RT

    1.BackgroundA highly accurate plant model is required for motor drive simulation for model-based design. JMAG-RT cangenerate highly accurate plant models from FEA models. The JMAG-RT models can model…

    26 Mar 2018

  11. [W-MB-63] Method for Determining the Optimum Resolution of JMAG-RT Model

    In recent years, with the shortening of the development cycle, the application of model-based development (below, MBD) is progressing.

    29 Aug 2018

  12. [W-MO-23] Measurement of PM Motor Vibration/Noise and Analysis Modeling

    Overview1. IntroductionWhile miniaturization and efficiency optimization are always in demand in motor development, demand is also increasing for the reduction of vibration and noise in recent years.…

    7 Mar 2018

  13. [W-MA-67] On the Geometry Edge Effects in Laminated Steel Sheet Eddy Current Loss Analysis

    PrefaceAs rotating machines increase in speed and geometries become more complicated, prediction ofperformance by loss calculations become increasingly important. A method, which has also been adopte…

    26 Mar 2018

  14. [W-MA-87] Verification of the Accuracy of Minor Loop Loss Using a Play Model

    1. IntroductionOne of the important issues in magnetic field analysis is the improvement of loss analysis accuracy. Within this as well there are issues with iron loss analysis such as harmonic iron …

    19 Jul 2018

  15. [W-SE-53] Transition to Steady State in a Short Time

    Overview1.BackgroundThere is a strong demand in the market for reducing calculation time in electromagnetic field analysis. One of the reasons is that, it is necessary to calculate time steps of many…

    7 Mar 2018

  16. [W-MB-65] The Necessity of JMAG-RT 3D Models

    1. BackgroundA highly accurate plant model is indispensable for model-based design motor drive simulation. By usingJMAG-RT or other such software, it is possible to generate a highly accurate plant m…

    26 Mar 2018

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