For Your Comfort

1. Services

We deliver value through simulation technology. Gaining a better understanding of how to use the software, modeling, and evaluating the results reinforces the value obtained from a simulation. We want our users to gain the best possible outcome. For this to happen we provide comprehensive support services including technical support, training seminars, programs, and user conferences.

2. Customer Base

JMAG has a large customer base in a wide range of industries from electrical devices to manufacturers of automobiles, products, and specialized components. We are responsible for satisfying the needs of all of our users. Our large customer base along with a well-established track record means the trustworthiness of JMAG products and services. JMAG has solved a great number of challenging problems our users face in the development process. We will continue to improve the JMAG software and enhance our services to best serve our users.

3. Persistence

For a quarter century, we have been dedicated to offering the latest simulation technology for the electric devices design by constantly enhancing JMAG products and support services. We have built trust and confidence with our customers through years of experience and a successful track record. Based on that confidence, we will continue to advance our efforts to provide our customers with innovative software.