The JMAG-RT Viewer is an application to increase the usability of motor models created using JMAG-RT. The motor models created using JMAG-RT (JMAG-RT models) can be used in control simulators such as Simulink to reproduce phenomena including the nonlinear characteristics and torque variations of motors.

Speed versus torque curves and efficiency maps can be created by specifying the control mode for the JMAG-RT model in the JMAG-RT Viewer. Creating an efficiency map regardless of whether measured or obtained as analysis results is an extremely laborious considering the multitude of measurements/calculations and data that needs to be processed. However, the contents of the JMAG-RT motor model can be confirmed without utilizing the model in Simulink. Control designers can gain a overview of the motor features easily and motor designers can confirm the motor characteristics of their designs.

Primary Features of the JMAG-RT Viewer

  • Displaying the output characteristics and efficiency map of the motor model
  • Comprehensively evaluation of the motor
  • Confirming the variations of the output characteristics based on the control method

JMAG Function Videos

Operating the JMAG-RT Viewer

  1. Start the JMAG-RT Viewer
  1. Import the JMAG-RT motor model (*.rtt file)
  1. Specify the settings of the inverter basic information and the motor control method.
    Correction coefficients can also be specified.
    The specified settings can be saved as a configuration file (*.xml).
  1. Create the efficiency map


JMAG-RT Viewer Installer.

Download (19.6MB)
*JMAG-RTViewer20.2.0830.exe Ver.20.2.0830 (2021-09-09)

Sample of an RTT file


There are three types of licenses for the JMAG-RT Viewer.

Type 1 (Free)

The header information (basic specifications) included in the JMAG-RT model can be confirmed.
This version of the JMAG-RT Viewer can be used right after downloading it from our website.

Type 2 (Free): Ld/Lq Maps/Speed-Torque Curves

LdLq maps and speed-torque curves can be created in addition to confirmingthe header information.
A license is required to use this version of the JMAG-RT Viewer.
If you apply for a free license through the following website, we will issue it after reviewing your application.

Acquire a License Key

Type 3 (Proprietary License): Efficiency Maps

Please contact your local distributor.

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