Our Approach to JMAG

Our mission is to provide simulation software that can contribute to developing and manufacturing high-quality products.

JMAG has always been driven by the practical needs of our customers. Development started in the early 1980s, when in response to a customer’s request , we developed a finite element system for the analysis of an electromagnet. JMAG has been continually enhanced to utilize the latest advances in simulation technology and hardware to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

The demands on the simulation software are growing as commercial and environmental pressures require increasingly high levels of performance from products. We are committed to meet this challenge with each new release of JMAG by providing new advanced analysis capabilities. However, we realize that no matter how far the simulation technology advances, it is the skills, insights, and experience of the engineers that lead to the successful innovation of our products. JMAG helps our customers leverage those skills and gain a greater insight. You can try out new ideas and concepts without expensive prototypes. With JMAG simulation you can visualize phenomena that cannot be observed in reality such as magnetic flux distribution and current distribution. While JMAG’s highly accurate and precise simulation technology ensures that subtle changes in the geometry, conditions, and material properties are correctly modeled.

Explore the design possibilities and turn your imagination into reality using JMAG. With JMAG your design potential is unlimited.