Simulation changes the product development process
JMAG supports your challenge

JMAG is simulation software for electric device design and development.
What if you find yourself in a position where you need to develop a new product without design experience or know-how?
What if you need to pursue quality that is more stringent and evaluate on a higher scale?
The advantage of simulation software is that design ideas are easy to try out through trial and error.
JMAG accurately captures complex physical phenomena and runs multi-faceted high-speed factor analysis to support the development of new product manufacturing and design ideas for its users.

JMAG applications

JMAG is used in various fields for various purposes.

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What you can do with JMAG

With actual measurements, checking magnetic saturation and eddy current distribution is not possible, but this can be done in a simulation.
Visualizing unseen physical phenomena and running a factor analysis will cultivate interest in finding the cause, accumulate know-how, and enhance knowledge and experience. All of this can be done with simulation.

JMAG Motor Design Solution

In a nutshell, a motor can be many things. A motor can be an HV/EV traction motor that pursues output power and efficiency or a small electric tool that requires cost performance. The process of designing, making, and evaluating any motor is made quick, accurate, and easy in a virtual operation.

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JMAG’s Motor Solutions

Transformer Simulation

The inside of a transformer can also be thoroughly analyzed.

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Transformer Simulation

Induction Heating Simulation

JMAG accurately captures movement in electromagnetic field and heat, and provides valuable feedback for system design.
The know-how in electromagnetic field analysis which we accumulated over the years can also be applied to phenomena in induction heating. We provide high-accuracy analysis tools for those who are involved in induction heating design.

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Induction Heating Simulation

Analysis Cases in Pumps

In order to increase pump efficiency, it is necessary to increase motor efficiency by driving the motor appropriately.
The inside of the motor is not only analyzed by magnetic flux density and current density, but the motor is also evaluated using N-T curves and efficiency maps.

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Analysis Cases in Pumps

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Strong capabilities of JMAG

Pursuing overwhelming speed

JMAG’s speed enables large-scale modeling and massive parametric calculations that were not possible until now, realizing complex and sophisticated analysis to create highly reliable optimal designs.

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More reliable than actual machines

JMAG’s highly reliable analysis technology provides simulations, taking over the detailed performance evaluations that could only be done with prototyping. And realizes significant cost reduction. JMAG’s powerful analysis functions provide a better picture of unseen physical phenomena to gain valuable insight into design.

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Efficient analysis process

Stress-free evaluation of results is possible with stable and accurate transferring and loading of files obtained by large-scale models and massive parametric calculations. JMAG makes analysis efficient by enhancing workflow performance from creating geometry and setting parameters to evaluating results.

Open Interface
Link to preferred programs

JMAG promotes an environment where users can use a combination of optimal tools according to their needs.
JMAG offers a flexible and easy-to-use interface that works with a variety of third-party tools and in-house systems. Possibilities are endless with JMAG.

Open Interface
Being close to the customer

Easy to use for new users and easy to use for experienced users, this is the user interface that JMAG aims to develop. Extensive documentation and support staff with abundant experience are on hand for assistance with any problems you may have.


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“Scenarios using JMAG” shows solutions to issues and the effects of implementation in actual cases, “What JMAG can do” shows details on what can be visualized in simulations, and “Strong capabilities of JMAG” shows the reasons why JMAG is selected.

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