JMAG-RT Model Library

Last Updated: 2021-09-10

JMAG-RT model

  • A 1D model that has extracted the characteristics from an FEA model.
  • A highly accurate model that has detailed Characteristic information.
  • Fast-operating, like a traditional 1D model.
  • Free to use (No license necessary, free of charge).

JMAG-RT model (RTT file) download

IPM motorSPM motorSR motorGeneratorInduction motorLinear solenoidLinear motorSpindle motorSynchronous reluctance motorWound-Field Synchronous Motor

IPM motor

SPM motor

SR motor


Induction motor

Linear solenoid

Linear motor

Spindle motor

Synchronous reluctance motor

Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

  • From Simulink, the JMAG-RT motor model is recognized as an S-Function block.
  • The model can be replaced by simply changing the parameter file.

Download the JMAG-RT RTT Calculator for use with Simcenter Amesim

Click here for download page  

How to use RTT file

Use the JMAG-RT Motor Model Library after reading and agreeing to the following terms of use.

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