JMAG-RT Model Library

Last Updated: 2020-08-07

A new PMSM model ([RTML-001]~[RTML-036]) has been updated for JMAG-Designer Ver.19.0.
Faster speeds and the reduction of data sizes are now possible with this new PMSM model.
The simulation time was compared between the conventional spatial harmonic model (SH) and the new flux integration method model (FI). Simulation time has been reduced by about 45 (%).
This flux integration method model (FI) has also been added to the model library.

A JMAG-RT motor model is:

  • A 1D model that has extracted the characteristics from an FEA model.
  • A highly accurate model that has detailed Characteristic information.
  • Fast-operating, like a traditional 1D model.
  • Free to use (No license necessary, free of charge).

JMAG-RT motor model (RTT file) download

IPM motorSPM motorSR motorGeneratorInduction motorLinear solenoidLinear motorSpindle motorSynchronous reluctance motorWound-Field Synchronous Motor

IPM motor

SPM motor

SR motor


Induction motor

Linear solenoid

Linear motor

Spindle motor

Synchronous reluctance motor

Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

A JMAG-RT linked image in Simulink

  • From Simulink, the JMAG-RT motor model is recognized as an S-Function block.
  • The model can be replaced by simply changing the parameter file.

Download the JMAG-RT RTT Calculator for use with Simcenter Amesim

Click here for download page icon-arrow-circle-o-right 

How to use RTT file

Use the JMAG-RT Motor Model Library after reading and agreeing to the following terms of use.

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