JMAG-Express is the general naming of an interface that supports motor design.
It can be used according to function type and usage.


JMAG-Express Classic (previous JMAG Express)

JMAG-Express 20.2

JMAG-Express Classic calculates only the typical machine constant and quickly estimates various machine characteristics. The obtained design idea is sent to JMAG-Designer to proceed with basic design/detailed design such as evaluation of torque waveforms and magnetic flux density distribution.

In JMAG-Express 20.2, the JMAG-Express interface is implemented in JMAG-Designer. Not only machine constant, an evaluation item for concept design, but items required in basic design such as torque waveform, magnetic flux density distribution and demagnetization can now be evaluated. In addition, the study results can be used as they are in JMAG-Designer and you can proceed to detailed design.

JMAG-Express 20.2 Short Seminar


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Introducing Functions of JMAG-Express Ver.20.2

Integrated Tool for Motor Design

Seamless transition to JMAG-Designer

  • Additional evaluation with JMAG-Designer can be started using pre-defined studies of each Express evaluation mode
    • Speed-priority efficiency map calculation can be started only by setting the response value table.
    • Optimization calculation including several modes like no-load / load and efficiency map study can be started by analysis group
  • Geometry dimensions parameter and drive conditions such as current, and rotation speed are already registered as design variables.
    • Use as it is as a design variable for optimization calculation, and add only the objective function

Creating Custom Templates (Working with Geometry Editor)

  • Create user-original motor geometry template in cooperation with geometry library in Geometry Editor

Function Tutorial

JMAG-Express Function Comparison Chart

A comparison of JMAG-Express functions is shown in the following chart.
If a function you are currently using is not available in JMAG-Express 20.2, please continue to use JMAG-Express Classic (previous: JMAG-Express). Note, that JMAG-Express Classic’s functions are scheduled to be integrated sequentially into JMAG-Express 20.2.

Name JMAG-Express 20.2 JMAG-Express Classic
(previous: JMAG-Express)
Function type Motor design support interface in JMAG-Designer Motor design support tool
License Pre-post processor
・JMAG-Modeller Evaluation of characteristics
・JW_MAG_DPL (brushless motor)
・JW_MAG_FQ (induction motor)
・JW_MAG_SMP (option)
Pre-post processor, characteristics evaluation
Usage Concept design, basic design Concept design
Link to JMAG-Designer Continue use of JMAG-Designer’s project file. File transfer
Application Brushless motor (IPM)
Brushless motor (SPM)
Induction motor (three-phase)

*more to be added

Brushless motor (IPM)
Brushless motor (SPM)
Induction motor (three-phase/single phase)
Switched reluctance motor (SRM)
Brush motor
Universal motor
Synchronous machine
Claw pole alternator
Main evaluation items Machine characteristics Machine characteristics
N-T characteristics N-T characteristics
Cogging torque waveform
Torque ripple waveform
Magnetic flux density distribution
Magnetic flux density waveform
Voltage Voltage
Loss Loss
Inductance Inductance
Efficiency map Efficiency map
Temperature evaluation
*more to be added
Calculation time A few seconds – tens of seconds (Depends on evaluation items) A few seconds