Machine Design Tool for design engineers

JMAG-Express quickly performs multifaceted evaluation to obtain machine design that meets performance requirements.
Operations are easy with templates for motor geometry and evaluation results. The templates can be reused and you can run multipurpose optimization with the built-in engine.
Design exploration covers magnetic, thermal, structural, and control design and tests a wide range at high speed from concept design to detailed design.


  • One-click simultaneous evaluation of magnetic, thermal, and structural characteristics of motors
  • High-speed calculation makes way for evaluation of multiple motor designs
  • Run a detailed evaluation in JMAG-Designer by just switching display mode
  • Flexible support for analysis accuracy requirements and various applications

Multifaceted evaluation of motors using JMAG-Express

Enter motor specifications and run to view magnetic, structural and thermal motor performance. Check the efficiency map, history of parts temperature, and where the maximum stress originated and its value. In addition, you can view a comparison of multiple design plans in a single screen.

Multifaceted evaluation of motors using JMAG-Express


Motor design

Preinstalled scenarios are provided for IPM, SPM, and IM design.
Combining these scenarios, you can quickly study design plans that meet magnetic, thermal, and stress constraints.

  • Magnetic design: machine constant, efficiency map, cogging torque, torque ripple, induced voltage, demagnetization
  • Thermal design: natural/forced cooling, cooling jacket, temperature evaluation in a drive cycle, etc.
  • Structural design: stress evaluation

You can run parametric studies with different numbers of pole slots and coil pitches.

Parametric studies with different numbers of pole slots and coil pitchesParametric studies with different numbers of pole slots and coil pitches

c.f. Evaluation of parts temperature in drive cycle

Efficiency map & history of drive cycle operating points
Efficiency map & history of drive cycle operating points

Time history of temperatureTime history of temperature

Temperature of parts during WLTC drive cycle
Obtain loss history of WLTC drive cycle using efficiency map and making use of it in thermal design. Magnet and coil temperatures increased by 5deg C and 35deg C, respectively, before and after the cycle is run.

Evaluation by merely selecting and combining the model and scenario

Create your own models and scenarios, enter specifications such as dimensions, and power supply, and click “Run” to evaluate machine characteristics.

You can select user-created models added to JMAG or preinstalled models.

  • c.f. IPM, SPM, IM, WFSM, Claw Pole, Axial Gap Motor, transformer, solenoid, IH etc.

Scenarios are templates created from basic settings of FEM analysis (analysis method, material, analysis conditions, mesh parameter, electric/thermal control circuit).
Create scenarios based on your analysis theme or select from preinstalled scenarios.

Parametric studies that cover magnetic, thermal, structural, and control design

Combine any design variables to test various design plans.
The JMAG-Express license can simultaneously run multiple designs.

Design exploration using the built-in optimization engine

Supports parametric optimization.
You can combine parameters such as magnetic, thermal, structural, and control design to run multipurpose optimization
A comprehensive search can be performed in the early stages of design.

Solver selection based on required analysis accuracy

JMAG-Express can use the same solvers as JMAG-Designer.
You can select based on accuracy requirements, for example, running structural or thermal analysis in speed priority mode from an efficiency map that uses a reduced order model.

Detailed evaluation by switching display modes

JMAG-Express and JMAG-Designer always share all settings including model and condition settings.
You can easily go back and forth between JMAG-Express and JMAG-Designer by switching views and running a detailed evaluation in JMAG-Designer.

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