Implementing JMAG

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    • Implementing JMAG


    JMAG's Role in Supporting the Electrification of Compact VehiclesSuzuki's newest Solio model is equipped with a mild …

    25 Dec 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

    Employing JMAG as the Common Language of Motor Development Devise Unique Solutions and Accelerate Creative Developmen…

    25 Dec 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    How the department utilizes JMAG to maximize output for sensorless control operations at low speeds and combat therma…

    6 Jun 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    John Deere

    Virtual Prototyping in Developing Next Generation Heavy EquipmentIn this issue we'll learn a little more about John D…

    7 Apr 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    Panasonic Corporation

    Taking household appliance technologies and presenting them to industry partners - JMAG is a strategic tool helping b…

    7 Feb 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    Shanghai University

    Expectations of JMAG's highly accurate, detailed analyses of loss, control and vibrationIn the electrical engineering…

    7 Feb 2014

    • Implementing JMAG

    Bern University of Applied Sciences

    Choose JMAG moving forward to 3D analysisThe Permanent Magnet Motor Expert Group at Bern University of Applied Scienc…

    12 Sep 2013

    • Implementing JMAG

    Mazda Motor Corporation

    Using Simulation to Support Automobile Evolution- JMAG, the de facto tool that anticipates the widespread use of elec…

    2 Jul 2013

    • Implementing JMAG

    Tempel Steel Campany

    Evaluation and Selection of Electrical Steels using SimulationThe world's leading manufacturer in the field of electr…

    28 Mar 2013

    • Implementing JMAG

    Electric Motor Technology Research Cen…

    Electric Motor Technology Research Center, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Use of JMAG in Renewable Energy Rese…

    1 Feb 2013

    • Implementing JMAG

    Neturen Co. Ltd.

    Pioneering Induction Heating Technology in Japan Using JMAG to Achieve Higher Accuracy and Quality in Induction Harde…

    10 Jul 2012

    • Implementing JMAG

    Institute for Electrical Energy Conver…

    Taking on Research for New Motors and GeneratorsThis edition of Implementing JMAG is brought by the Institute for Ele…

    16 Mar 2012

    • Implementing JMAG

    Fuji Electric FA Components & Sys…

    Using a merger with Schneider Electric S.A. and making the leap to become aleading company in the electromagnetic swi…

    7 Nov 2011

    • Implementing JMAG

    SIM-Drive Corporation

    Leading Motor Development for Mass Production Electric VehiclesThe SIM-Drive Corporation (headquarters: Shinkawasaki,…

    28 Apr 2011

    • Implementing JMAG

    Shibaura Institute of Technology Kan A…

    Tackling Next Generation Motor Development using JMAGThe evolution of technology for motors and control systems has b…

    2 Feb 2011

    • Implementing JMAG


    Stimulating the Expansion and Reinforcement of the Business Domain with JMAGThe Meidensha Corporation, whose business…

    21 Sep 2010

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