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Dai-ichi Kiden develops various devices using high temperature heating technology. The company is an expert when it comes to the manipulation of heat, and is occupied in various industrial furnaces and hot stamping equipment, with a focus on crystal growth equipment (for producing silicon for solar panels in addition to SiC for power devices, and so on).

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icon-calendar 2020-06-30

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Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.

Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.New Business Propulsion Departmentdirector and general managerMr. harumasa Ito (left)New Business Propulsion DepartmentProcess Tecnology GroupGroup LeaderMr. Tomohiro Adachi (right)Dai-ichi Kiden develops various devices using…

icon-calendar 30 Jul 2020


JMAG's Role in Supporting the Electrification of Compact VehiclesSuzuki's newest Solio model is equipped with a mild hybrid system. For compact vehicle electrification, simply adding electric components cannot improve fuel consumption sufficiently. …

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icon-calendar 25 Dec 2014

Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.

Employing JMAG as the Common Language of Motor Development Devise Unique Solutions and Accelerate Creative DevelopmentIt's no exaggeration to state that eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicle development will determine who comes out on top of the …

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icon-calendar 25 Dec 2014

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

How the department utilizes JMAG to maximize output for sensorless control operations at low speeds and combat thermal issues for PM motors.This edition of Implementing JMAG is brought to you by the Department of Electrical Energy Conversion, KTH Ro…

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icon-calendar 6 Jun 2014

John Deere

Virtual Prototyping in Developing Next Generation Heavy EquipmentIn this issue we'll learn a little more about John Deere. John Deere has been aggressively pursuing electrification of their vehicles to increase productivity and reduce operating cost…

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icon-calendar 7 Apr 2014

Panasonic Corporation

Taking household appliance technologies and presenting them to industry partners - JMAG is a strategic tool helping bring about a technological revolution -Lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, yet highly functional. Motors promote evolution of hou…

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icon-calendar 7 Feb 2014

Shanghai University

Expectations of JMAG's highly accurate, detailed analyses of loss, control and vibrationIn the electrical engineering faculty of Shanghai University, research is moving forward in a wide range of activities including material modeling, electrical ci…

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icon-calendar 7 Feb 2014

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Choose JMAG moving forward to 3D analysisThe Permanent Magnet Motor Expert Group at Bern University of Applied Sciences focuses their research on permanent magnet synchronous machines with high torque and power density. The use of JMAG allows them t…

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icon-calendar 12 Sep 2013

Mazda Motor Corporation

Using Simulation to Support Automobile Evolution- JMAG, the de facto tool that anticipates the widespread use of electrical devices -Automobiles have been made more environmentally friendly by taking advantage of electricity from cars that consume f…

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icon-calendar 2 Jul 2013

Tempel Steel Campany

Evaluation and Selection of Electrical Steels using SimulationThe world's leading manufacturer in the field of electrical steels, Tempel Steel. Tempel Steel has continued to provide electrical steels used in a variety of electrical devices such as m…

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icon-calendar 28 Mar 2013

Electric Motor Technology Research Center, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University

Electric Motor Technology Research Center, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Use of JMAG in Renewable Energy ResearchIn May, 2012, JMAG's Taiwan distributor, Flotrend, held a JMAG Users Conference in Taiwan attended by around 60 JMAG users. The …

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icon-calendar 1 Feb 2013

Neturen Co. Ltd.

Pioneering Induction Heating Technology in Japan Using JMAG to Achieve Higher Accuracy and Quality in Induction HardeningNeturen Co. Ltd. is the top domestic manufacturer when it comes to using induction heating (IH) technology to perform induction …

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icon-calendar 10 Jul 2012

Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Taking on Research for New Motors and GeneratorsThis edition of Implementing JMAG is brought by the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion, Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany. Technische Universität Darmstadt has a long history, having …

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icon-calendar 16 Mar 2012

Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

Using a merger with Schneider Electric S.A. and making the leap to become aleading company in the electromagnetic switch marketFuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd. is the leader in control instruments, such as electromagnetic switches tha…

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icon-calendar 7 Nov 2011

SIM-Drive Corporation

Leading Motor Development for Mass Production Electric VehiclesThe SIM-Drive Corporation (headquarters: Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-Shi) establishes joint development projects for the mass production of electric vehicles (EV) using their vast …

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icon-calendar 28 Apr 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology Kan Akatsu M&E Energy Conversion Lab.

Tackling Next Generation Motor Development using JMAGThe evolution of technology for motors and control systems has been tremendous. The progress of development is driven around an environmental axis which has provided motors that can cut the world'…

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icon-calendar 2 Feb 2011


Stimulating the Expansion and Reinforcement of the Business Domain with JMAGThe Meidensha Corporation, whose business ranges vary from heavy electric machinery to industrial electric systems, was established 113 years ago. The technology of its prod…

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icon-calendar 21 Sep 2010


Comparing and Examining the Variability of Regulated DC Power Supplies via SimulationCosel Co., Ltd. is one of the leading market shareholders of high quality/miniaturized switching power source devices (regulated DC power sources), DC-DC converters…

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icon-calendar 26 Jul 2010


JMAG-RT Models Connect Companies Changing Energy Management DevelopmentJMAG-RT Model: A behavior model (motor model) generated from an FEA model that is used for control simulations.The Sanden Corporation which designs, develops, and sells inverters…

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icon-calendar 29 Mar 2010


Gaining Market Share by using JMAG to Support CustomersThe Nidec Sankyo Corporation handles a wide range of products from robots to micro stepping motors. The Nidec Sankyo Corporation's products hold a share in the aggressive world market by providi…

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icon-calendar 25 Nov 2009


Supporting the Success of New BusinessesThe Nidec Corporation, a top manufacturer of small precision motors used in devices such as hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives, entered the automotive market with a mid-size motor for power steering in 2000. T…

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icon-calendar 20 May 2009