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Höganäs AB Somaloy® is a family of iron-based powder materials for the manufacturing of Soft Magnetic Components (SMC). They are made from high purity iron powders with nanometre-size inorganic surface insulation. The iron powders are available in several grades with particle sizes of between 50 – 250 micrometres. The Somaloy® family is grouped into performance levels based on the coating properties: 1P, 3P and 5P. The resultant performance of the SMC components made from these powders are highly dependent on this coating and its sensitivity to the compaction and heat-treatment processes.

The 1P material provides a base level of performance with a cost-efficient approach. A simple coating is applied, and the heat-treatment of the part is conducted in an air-atmosphere with a maximum temperature of approximately 500 ⁰C.

The 3P grade uses a different additive to 1P to allow for a special steam-atmosphere during the heat-treatment. This brings maximal mechanical strength to the component by a forced oxidation deep into the material structure. The maximum temperature for the heat-treatment 3P is approximately 500 ⁰C.

The most advanced SMC material grade is the 5P, which exhibits the lowest specific loss in the family. A special particle coating is designed to withstand heat-treatment temperatures up to 650 ⁰C, resulting in a component with minimal residual stress post heat-treatment, and the lowest hysteresis losses available for current SMC products.

The different standard grades are sold as press-ready mixes including a small amount of specific lubricants. These additives are optimally tuned to yield the desired performance from the component following the compaction and heat-treatment process.

These powders can be used to form very high-density SMC components with close to isotropic performance (electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical). They are suitable for electric motor applications utilising truly 3D magnetic flux paths and/or taking advantage of the lower iron losses at higher frequencies compared to electrical steel laminations. Another application area for these powders are iron cores for passive components (inductors).

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Höganäs is the world leading manufacturer of metal powders for powder metallurgy. By utilising the endless opportunities of our metal powders, we inspire industry to make more with less. The applications of metal powders seem almost endless. Today, our metal powders are used in areas as diverse as brazing, pressing & sintering, surface coating, additive manufacturing, welding, friction and many others.

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