Romax Technology

Romax Technology

Romax Technology are rotating machinery experts for geared and electro-mechanical systems providing simulation software and global services for design, performance simulation and manufacturing. Their mission is to transform the engineering of geared and electro-mechanical systems using Right First Time product development with their innovative software tools, global engineering expertise, processes and intellectual property.

Product name

Romax Nexus
Romax Nexus is the most complete simulation platform for engineering the next generation of electro-mechanical drive systems. It’s cloud-enabled ecosystem of applications align with your drivetrain and transmission development cycle, from rapid modelling and concept exploration to detailed simulation and virtual product sign-off. Intelligently integrated into the wider CAE world, Romax Nexus empowers your teams and enables Right First Time designs.

The two packages within the Romax Nexus platform that interface with JMAG are:

  • Romax Spectrum
  • Romax Evolve

Product detail

Romax Spectrum
  • Romax Spectrum:
    Romax Spectrum provides a complete, validated solution for NVH simulation of electro-mechanical powertrain.

    Providing fast, accurate frequency domain analysis for engineering insight and optimisation, Romax Spectrum combines validated analysis methods to predict dynamic gear excitations, with integrated links to electro-magnetic software to import and process motor forces. The powertrain NVH performance can be evaluated using frequency-domain simulation of system vibration response, or an embedded acoustic solver can be used to predict radiated noise and verify design targets.

Romax Evolve
  • Romax Evolve:
    Romax Evolve is a multi-fidelity, application-specific tool for the structural design and analysis of electrical machines.

    Romax have a proven track record in electro-mechanical simulation and design, rotor dynamic simulation for industrial generators and electrical machine NVH development. Romax Evolve incorporates this expertise into application specific tools for the structural design and analysis of electrical machines, which integrate into powerful multi-fidelity full system analysis. Romax Evolve includes capabilities for durability and efficiency analysis of bearings in electrical machines, rotor-dynamic analysis of rotor shafts, as well as NVH and acoustic analysis of electro-mechanical excitations.

Product features

Complete process
  • End-to-end process integration from concept to detailed
  • Partnerships with industry-leading simulation tools
  • An integrated platform that streamlines and improves development
Complete solution
  • Simulation, analysis and optimisation
  • NVH, efficiency and durability
  • Any mechanical and electro-mechanical driveline
Complete system
  • System-level approach
  • Increased understanding of driveline behaviour
  • Considers all component misalignments and interactions


The most complete product simulation platform for end-to-end integrated whole-system design and analysis.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Wind Energy
  • Bearings
  • Electrification
  • Rail
  • Off-Highway
  • Marine

About company

Romax is the world’s leading provider of engineering and technology solutions for transport and wind turbine drivetrain design, simulation, testing and monitoring. If you’ve ever sat on a train, driven a car, traversed a building site, blended a milkshake, or paid an electricity bill, then the chances are you are in a chain of events that has been touched or shaped by Romax, its services or software. As a global leader in software and services for rotating + electric machinery, we work with more than 250 organisations, and our existence depends on helping them develop the right product, at the right time, for the right people

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