SEDRIVE is a consultancy company providing engineering service towards OEMs, Start-ups, Tier1s, and material suppliers to launch their products. The scope of SEDRIVE is on electric drive unit focusing on electrical machine design, control and toolchain.


The Goal of SEDRIVE is to support their customers in the development of their product that meet the performance requirements and at the same time the proposed solution has a proper balance in sustainability, cost, and its contribution in electric drive efficiency. Sustainability is a core part of SEDRIVE services.

Market segment

The main market segment that SEDRIVE provides services is transportation due to their higher contribution in the climate change. In addition to the passenger car segment, SEDRIVE provides services to other automotive segments such as two- and three-wheelers and heavy vehicles, as well as Marine and Aerospace.

About company

Areas where we provide engineering services using JMAG are listed below.:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Nederland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, U.K.

Company Name SEDRIVE AB
Address Hasselvägen 45, 43538 Mölnlycke, Sweden
Phone +46 729 477 153