A System of Coordination With Analysis Engineers and the Successes That Follow

Norihide Fujiyama
Senior Manager, Analysis Team Product Deveropment Dept


While working on the development of induction heating and struggling with the establishment of CAE technology, I was able to introduce several types of analysis software such as 3D CAD and JMAG.
Although the effects of CAE or its results were not understood at the time, I continuously made effort to build upon it’s results and promoting CAE to other designers.
A dedicated analysis team was established 7 years ago for the purpose of logistics support, and at present we support various areas such as design, development and quality assurance etc..
Since the beginning of CAE introduction, my biggest issue up to this day is how difficult it is to appeal how cost-effective CAE can be.
In my lecture, I will introduce some of the early cases when JMAG was first introduced, my analysis techniques that I acquired through trial and error and the drive to promote CAE, and examples of effectively calculating fixed quantities in cost effectiveness.

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