Application to Use the JMAG Trial Version

Those wishing to use the free JMAG Trial Version should read the following terms and conditions and then submit a completed application form. A JMAG agent for your country will soon contact you after processing of your application.

People in positions of responsibility for installing JMAG at companies, universities or other organizations
* Students are ineligible to apply. Students seeking to use JMAG should ask their supervising professors to apply on their behalf.
Trial Support Package
JMAG-Designer Trial Version
* Usable for a maximum of one (1) months.
* Included among the JMAG-SLS self-learning system of tutorials.

Operation environment details can be found here

Software License Agreement

JSOL Corporation (“JSOL”) grants the licensee permission to use the program and materials (“Software”) conditional upon the licensee only after the licensee agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Clicking the [Agree] button at the bottom of the page indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and will enable continuation of the application process.

Terms and Conditions of Software Use
Article 1 Licensing
The licensee may use the Software only on the personal computer whose MAC address (“Designated Computer”) was used to apply to use the JMAG Trial Version (“Application”).
2. The licensee will use the Software exclusively for checking the contents of its functions and shall not use it for their own work, nor for work for a third party.
3. The licensee shall not allow a third party to use the Software.

Article 2 Prohibition of Duplication or Modification
The licensee shall not in any way or form duplicate, modify, add functions or reverse engineer in a way to create a secondary copyrighted material using any and all parts of the Software.

Article 3 Limitation of Liability
JSOL provides the Software with no assurance regarding its commercialization, fitness for a particular objective or violation of a third-partyfs rights. JSOL is not liable to the licensee for any damages related to or resulting from the licensee’s or a third party’s use, whether direct or indirect, of this software.

Article 4 Property Rights
JSOL retains all of the rights to this software (including, but not limited to rights in the following clauses) in all of its forms whether original, copies, or modifications.
1) JSOL retains the right to grant use of this software to any third parties.
2) JSOL retains all of the rights to lend or transfer this software to any third parties.
3) JSOL retains the rights to create any and all derivative works of this software.

Article 5 Copyright Notice
JSOL shall make the following displays on the Software to declare that copyright for the Software belongs to JSOL.
1) Copyright name
2) © logo
3) Date of creation (Western calendar)
2. Under no circumstances, shall the licensee delete or modify any notices which JSOL attached or indicated on the Software to show that JSOL has copyright or authorship.

Article 6 Confidentiality
The licensee may not disclose any information they gain related to this software to any and all third parties. The licensee acknowledges that confidential information includes all or part of this software which is the exclusive property of JSOL.
2. The licensee is bound by the terms and conditions even after this agreement is terminated.

Article 7 Disposition of Rights and Obligations
The licensee shall not, unless with the express prior written permission of JSOL, transfer to a third party or use as collateral with a third party the rights or obligations applied through this agreement.
2. Obligations under this agreement shall remain valid even after termination of this agreement.

Article 8 Default and Termination
This agreement shall end upon closure of the contracted program period as stated on the application form.
2. This agreement is terminated the moment the licensee breaches any of the articles within this agreement, or the moment the period of use is exceeded.
3. In the event of termination of the agreement under the previous item, the licensee is required to terminate their use of this software, uninstall this software from any and all machines it is installed, and the licensee must delete all components related to this software, whether original, copies, or modifications.

Article 9 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. In the event that there arises any dispute between the parties, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction as the court of the first instance. END


JSOL Corporation (JSOL) has been certified as an corporation which is properly handling personal data in accordance with the “Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection” (JIS Q 15001, enacted in 2017) that is known as Privacy Mark System by Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) and was granted by JIPDEC to display the “Privacy Mark”.

The above is the privacy policy of JSOL Corporation.
If you select a country or region other than “Japan” or “Other,” personal information provided to the distributor in each country will be handled following the handling rules.