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1) Recommended Application Catalog
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Recommended Application Catalog

We introduce analysis cases that we received inquiries from customers and are often viewed on the WEB.

[JAC280] Topology Optimization of Induction Heating Coil
When designing an induction heating coil, it is necessary to investigate both the heating time and the coil shape in order to uniformly heat the workpiece. Such investigations are run through a process of trial and error based on both the knowledge and experience of skilled engineers, as well as experiments with actual machines.
Optimization using FEA is effective in reducing prototyping costs and reducing the construction period. In parameter optimization using design variables and dimension ranges, although knowledge and experience is required to determine parameters, because searches can be performed for topology optimization without depending on the initial shape, design proposals with a high degree of freedom can be obtained.
In this example, magnetic field and thermal coupled analysis is run, and using topology optimization, searches are performed for a heating coil that maximizes the power factor and minimizes the apparent power.

Please see the website for “Optimization conditions”, “Optimization Results” and “Sensitivity Analysis”.

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Sample data is available to JMAG proper users and requires license ID to access.
* If you are not a JMAG user and are interested in JMAG, please let us know using the inquiry form. We will contact you later.Contact us from here.

JMAG Open Interface

We have updated our site introducing case studies of linked analysis.
In recent years, the sophistication of electrical equipment design is required. As known there is a limit to the design of magnetic circuits alone, therefore multifaceted evaluations such as structure, vibration, heat, and control are required at the same time.It is more efficient to perform coupled analysis by linking different software where they have their own strength in the respective physical phenomenon rather than to adhere to one CAE software.

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Case Studies
On the same page, we also introduce case studies from JMAG Users Conference Proceedings every week.
Case Studies of the Week:
Add the distribution of the gap magnetic flux density to the JMAG-RT model and calculate the electromagnetic excitation force with system analysis (MATLAB/Simulink). Verify a new electromagnetic excitation calculation method by reducing the number of data transfers as well as the steps in learning how to use the software and set conditions.

Please access the page above to view the case study.


POWERSYS of JMAG Distributor will exhibit at ITEC 2023.

Date: June 21(Wednesday) – June 23(Friday)
Location: HUNTINGTON PLACE (Detroit, MI, USA)
Booth number: 407

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About ITEC
The conference is focused on components, systems, standards, and grid interface technologies, related to efficient power conversion for all types of electrified transportation, including electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs) as well as heavy-duty, rail, and off-road vehicles and airplanes and ships.

JMAG Users Conference & Workshop 2023 in USA

This is to announce that the North America JMAG distributor POWERSYS will be holding the JMAG Users Conference in Detroit.
The conference will be held over second days; the first day will be Workshop, and JMAG Users Conference will consist of the second day.
This will be a great opportunity to gain information on electromagnetic analysis technology trends, usage environments, and so on. Come join us!

– Advanced Motor Design Training (JMAG workshop): June 26th from 9:00am to 4:30pm
– Advanced eMotor Design Conference (JMAG Users Conference in Detroit): June 27th from 9:00am to 4:00pm
Location: Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center (Detroit, USA)

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