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[JAC294] Design Exploration of Wound-Field Synchronous Motors, Including Evaluating Part Temperature and Stress

In the initial stages of motor design, if only the magnetic design is completed and the design proceeds to the later stages, rework may occur when it is discovered that the part temperature and stress do not meet the requirements. Such rework can be reduced by running multifaceted evaluations from the initial design stages, including not only magnetic design but also thermal and stress.
By using the templates included in JMAG-Express, you can create motor models and evaluate design plans both quickly and easily. In addition, by combining the prepared scenarios, you can run magnetic design, thermal design, and structural design all at the same time.
In this example, the efficiency map, part temperature, and stress, are evaluated at the same time for the motor design plan, and a design plan that meets the requirements is explored.

Please see the website for “Design Requirements, Design Variables”, “Initial Design Plan Evaluation” and “Design Plan Adjustments”.

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