May 10, 2016
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

JSOL and ArcelorMittal Announce Partnership Strengthening Electromagnetic Field Simulations

TOKYO, Japan – May 10, 2016 – JSOL Corporation (President and CEO: Mitsutaka Nakamura, hereafter referred to as “JSOL”) and ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company headquartered in Luxembourg, announced today the formation of a partnership to integrate ArcelorMittal’s electrical steel data into JSOL’s JMAG, simulation software for electrical machines, which will be available in the newest version to be released in May 2016.

Electromagnetic steel sheets are used in motors, transformers, and many other types of electrical machines. Electric vehicles, power facilities for renewable energy, and various types of compressors continue to improve in performance aiming to make a difference in climate change and become more energy efficient.

JMAG has a database of highly reliable material characteristics data, such as magnetic and loss characteristics, benefiting from partnerships formed with a variety of material manufacturers to achieve high fidelity simulations of electrical machines. This partnership with ArcelorMittal will enable even higher accuracy electromagnetic field simulations to be offered in Europe.

*About JMAG:
JMAG is simulation software for electromechanical design and development which has been continually developed with the support of those in many industries and universities since 1983.
It accurately grasps complex physical phenomena inside of equipment and performs high-speed analysis. It has been used as a product development and design tool for motors, transformers, actuators, sensors, and other electronics and power electronics.

About ArcelorMittal  
ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and an industrial footprint in 19 countries.
Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel, we are the leading supplier of quality steel in the major global steel markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with world-class research and development and outstanding distribution networks.
Through our core values of sustainability, quality and leadership, we operate responsibly with respect to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate.
For us, steel is the fabric of life, as it is at the heart of the modern world from railways to cars and washing machines. We are actively researching and producing steel-based technologies and solutions that make many of the products and components people use in their everyday lives more energy efficient.

We are one of the world’s five largest producers of iron ore and metallurgical coal and our mining business is an essential part of our growth strategy.

With a geographically diversified portfolio of iron ore and coal assets, we are strategically positioned to serve our network of steel plants and the external global market. While our steel operations are important customers, our supply to the external market is increasing as we grow.
In 2015, ArcelorMittal had revenues of US$63.6 billion and crude steel production of 92.5 million tonnes, while own iron ore production reached 62.8 million tonnes.
ArcelorMittal is listed on the stock exchanges of New York (MT), Amsterdam (MT), Paris (MT), Luxembourg (MT) and on the Spanish stock exchanges of Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia (MTS).
For more information about ArcelorMittal please visit  

About JSOL Corporation  

: Harumi Center Bldg. 2-5-24,Harumi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0053, Japan
: Mitsutaka Nakamura, President and CEO
: 5 billion yen
: NTT DATA Corporation, The Japan Research Institute, Limited
: July, 2006
Business Profile
: JSOL Corporation is a ICT service coordinator offering consistent line of services from ICT consulting to system framework creation and management, providing customers from various industries such as production and distribution, service, and finance, a means to maximize their IT investments.
In January of 2009, following a business and capital alliance with NTT Data, the company name was changed to JSOL. It has evolved as a member of the NTT Data Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group to allow an even wider range of needs to be met.

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