June 26, 2018
JMAG Division,
JSOL Corporation

Motor Design Anywhere, Anytime”JMAG-Express Online” Launched

The JSOL Corporation (hereafter “JSOL”) releases the Web version of the motor design tool, JMAG-Express Online from June 2018.
JMAG-Express Online is now available on the Web. Motor design can be carried out on tablets, smartphones, as well as personal computers anywhere and at any time.

[About JMAG-Express Online]
JMAG-Express is a motor design tool. Motor design has up until now been based on rules and experience, but a wide and regular use of JMAG-Express Online allows users to consolidate motor specifications while confirming the extent to which motor requirements are satisfied. By moving into the territory of investigating motor geometry and configurations, a more efficient development with little rework is now possible.

Usage fee: Free of charge (Registered)
*For use upon agreement to our terms and conditions.

Geometry templates, materials, winding and drive condition parameter inputs.

Main output:
Induced voltage constant, torque constant, inductance properties, current vs. torque properties,revolution speed vs. torque properties, and iron loss/copper loss properties, etc.—calculated in an instant.

Examples of use:
System design during EV motor development

  • A motor’s physical size as determined by system requirements, calculating and deducing output.
  • Investigating the energy flow of possible motors (*1), and determining basic motor requirements.
  • Selecting motor types by evaluating the maximum torque and maximum output required while considering motor geometry and configuration from the viewpoint of efficiency and cost.

(*1) Energy flow investigations utilize JMAG-RT models exported from JMAG-Express for use in run simulations.

Use on smartphones and tablets:
Settings for creating geometry and drive conditions can be done by simply entering values into a template, so evaluations can be carried out to the same degree as using a calculator. Users are encouraged to make use of these for meetings both in-house and with prospective clients.

*About JMAG:
JMAG is simulation software for electromechanical design and development which has been continually developed with the support of those in many industries and universities since 1983.
It accurately grasps complex physical phenomena inside of equipment and performs high-speed analysis. It has been used as a product development and design tool for motors, transformers, actuators, sensors, and other electronics and power electronics.

About JSOL Corporation:
(Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Masatoshi Maekawa, President and CEO)
JSOL Corporation is a ICT service coordinator offering consistent line of services from ICT consulting to system framework creation and management, providing customers from various industries such as production and distribution, service, and finance, a means to maximize their IT investments.
In January of 2009, following a business and capital alliance with NTT DATA, the company name was changed to JSOL. It has evolved as a member of the NTT DATA Group and SMBC Group to allow an even wider range of needs to be met.

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